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    Asking players to help and participate to create a group of pvpers that are active in game now .

    o7 CMDR's recently I notice that less and less pvp players stay in this game and I am asking to join a small group that is currently active for the pure fun of the game, forget about squadron badges or political views, what I am looking for is Cmdr's that enjoy pvp and want to hangout and have...
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    PvP Distant Ganks 2 Closing Report

    Hello everyone, On 3/13, the Distant Ganks 2 expedition eclipsed 3,000 player kills (PC only), marking the official end of the journey for us. This unprecedented expedition has brought emergent content through competitive exploration to a record number of players. I could not be more proud of...
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    PvP Distant Ganks 2 Week 1 Update

    Hi all, Just wanted to share the week 1 progress from the Distant Ganks 2 Expedition. Attached is the updated dashboard with progress through 11am UTC. Highlights: Total kills since expedition launch: 1,715. Averaging nearly 156 kills a day, we are making a considerable dent in our "Road to...
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