1. Factabulous

    POI from DSS in Q4 - FD can you number them please

    Loving it all apart from: Can we have the surface POI numbered / lettered please? If I find a particularly special lava spout and want to share with friends then I don't really want them to have to visit (in this case) up to 9 sites to find the one I mean. In fact it may still be faster to...
  2. P

    My idea on the new exploration mechanic

    I could be misunderstanding people talking about Nav Beacons and the new exploration mechanic but this is my though. Unless I missed something, I don’t think any systems in the bubble will change their exploration status. Right now most systems in the Bible don’t need to be scanned to locate and...
  3. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  4. Taerlyn

    HDR in Q4?

    Now that Elite is on the XB1X and PS4/Pro and HDR monitors are finally coming out for computers, it would be amazing to see stars blindingly bright, light glinting off the surface of the ship properly, and starry backgrounds and planet dark sides realistically subtle shades of black. That is...
  5. Cmdr Fremen

    Community Event / Creation Operation: Asteroid Ambush

    Operation: Asteroid Ambush (Event) Operation: Asteroid Ambush Operation: Asteroid Ambush is a joint operation roleplaying event between the exotic tribals of the Winged Cobra Tribe (Wicotees), the covert agents of the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA), and the villains of the Relentless...
  6. Cmdr Fremen

    [Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

    To all the villains in the Elite: Dangerous Universe! Come and join the Relentless forums and voice chat to find outlaws like you! Play together and make friends, form a crew and participate in challenges! It's a place of cheap grog and bar music, shouting and laughter, fist fights and some...
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