1. F

    FAS - Flight Assist System

    Hello guys, I have some remarks regarding the flight assist off system. We are in the 32 century and there is no option around flight assist. It is On or Off. I think we should have some option... I love hunting some pirate inside asteroid belt with Fa off but it's very hard to aim and when...
  2. norlin

    Turn Fleet Carriern s/n in chat into links which can be clicked to show the FC on the galaxy map

    It's simple QoL improvement: turn the FC serial number in chat to clickable link which shows the FC in galaxy map / system map or allow to plot the route to FC. The same can be applied to Systems, Bodies, Stations, etc P.S. And please fix the chat! It constantly loses the focus while typing!
  3. Old Duck

    Radar Filter

    Surely I'm not the first to suggest this, but it would be nice to have a filter for our radar. A place like a combat zone soon gets cluttered with materials and wake signals, and in a RES we've also got limpets and ores and cargo canisters, all of which I don't care about unless I do. The...
  4. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Another Engineers QOL Suggestion

    Would it at all be possible to allow us to view (only view, not pin, or apply experimentals), all available (unlocked ranks) blueprints for any selected engineer, from the engineer page on the right panel? Currently, if I need to engineer say, shield boosters, I look up which engineer does...
  5. D

    Redesign the Engineering Grind

    Overview The Engineering grind is widely considered one of the most soul-sucking chores currently in the game. I believe simply restructuring the grind, without necessarily reducing it, would dramatically improve the player experience while making Engineering in general feel more rewarding...
  6. A

    Enclosure Markers when zoomed out

    Hi, I think a massively overlooked feature I have noticed so far is the ability to quickly identify enclosures when zoomed out. This only gets worse when you have many enclosures in franchise mode. I have mocked up an example of what I mean. Obviously you guys would do a much nicer job, with...
  7. R

    My personal wish-list of some MAJOR QoL improvements I believe ED could benefit from.

    SHIPS/CREW better ship balance. it stands to reason that the higher the tier of ship the better it should be. this is not the case when a 60M T9 can get bullied by a sub 1M ship. if we never have the chance to fight head on because we cant shake them off our tail then some of the hardpoints...
  8. Old Duck

    Add "Plot Course" Button on Mission Transaction Screen

    When you look at the left panel, select Transactions, and then pick a Mission, there's room for one more button - PLOT COURSE. This would be wonderful! Insert it right before "Open Galaxy Map", since this is why I click that button in the first place, to plot a course. ps - Not everyone is on a...
  9. Old Duck

    Remember HUD Mode On Exit From FSS

    Simple - If I activate the FSS while in Combat Mode, then I should still be in Combat Mode when I exit the FSS. These days I'm using the FSS for missions and mats while flying a combat ship, so I have zero need for Analysis Mode. Not only that, but Analysis Mode is a liability when I'm...
  10. GraphicEqualizer

    QOL quickie - key combo to switch off hud entirely, adjustable

    Currently to switch off all HUD display you can click CTRL+ALT+G, but I set G to be a keyboard switch for Galaxy map (easy to remember right?) and this stops the CTRL+ALT+G combo from working. I'd like to be able to switch off the HUD with CTRL+ALT+H (would be easy to remember right? :) )
  11. LynxAwakening

    open the game up

    is this a shoping cart emulator disguised as a space simulator? imagine paying $60 to download ebay or amazon app (that might be a little hyperbolic but that’s what it feels like) nothing is more discouraging than the cash shop; the cosmetics need to be CR! this would promote gameplay and cater...
  12. CmdrThyme

    Add option to not autodraw all possible jumps when opening GalMap

    Seeing as I largely fly exploration, pretty much the whole of my local GalMap is blotted out by the possible ~75Ly jumps I can make. Also, calculating all these jumps feels like a waste of CPU-cycles, as it's really only needed when you start planning a route.

    Make Hyperspace Dethrottle not require a module

    I really like all the quality of life changes this update, but one thing i am upset over is that the Hyperspace Dethrottle, the only thing i am interested in, requires you to install the entire module. All this setting does, is press exactly one key for you when you jump. That's it. Its...
  14. G

    Additional info on planetary installation landing zones

    Trying to figure out which landing zone I'm supposed to use when landing at a surface installation is something of a challenge, especially when teetering around in an Imperial Cutter & trying not to crater due to a high-g location. :D I was thinking it'd be helpful to include a colored...
  15. G

    Programmable indicator lights on ship consoles

    I have a T16000m FCS & make use of the I/O layers for my control scheme. The problem I have is that there's no way to know what the state of the I/O layer is. I have the CapsLock key bound to the button that toggles the I/O layer state, but that's by no means a bullet-proof solution. I've...
  16. Crimson Echo

    Orrery mode QOL tweak: Station Selection and Callouts

    The orrery map mode is awesome. Being able to view the orbital element information graphically makes it feel more real. However, as the map is currently the usability is somewhat limited. Station and ground port selection is very annoying. Either having to select stations blind from the left...
  17. Crimson Echo

    Galaxy Map QOL Tweak: Allow Station Select from Galaxy Map w/o setting commod. filter

    The ability to select a route directly to a given starport/station/outpost from the galaxy map directly if we have the exploration data, and know the name of the desired destination would be a nice QOL improvement. Currently one needs to use a commodity filter to be able to select a route to a...
  18. Cryvern

    Planetside waypoints and better and unlimited bookmarks. When?

    You guys know the drill, lacking basic QoL for Elite Dangerous. Anybody knows anything about it? Can we hope to get it before 3307?
  19. Farinton

    Request: Have previously mapped planets annotated in HUD/system map/nav panel

    It's very hard to keep track of what you've surface mapped - the only option I can see at the mo is to open system map, set the info panel on the left and then click through each celestial body to see if it is mapped or not. It would be grand if we had an indicator that showed if a planet had...
  20. Crimson Echo

    Defaults for Cosmetic Preferences

    The ability to set cosmetic preferences on a global or ship by ship basis would be nice. For instance being able to select a default decal setup where the front slot is current exploration rank, left is a alliance/mahon logo, and the right is the beta backer patch, and have these automatically...

    Prospectors crash into ship too easily

    In 3.3, prospector limpets gained a collision box, making it possible for them to collide with objects like your own ship on launch. This, in itself, is fine. Before 3.3, you could have the limpet phase through the canopy easily by just looking down after firing them, and that did look weird...

    Turn off proximity warning for limpets

    The proximity warning would be an useful and immersive tool for miners to try and avoid bumping into things outside of their field of vision, however, collector limpets constantly trigger the warning when near. This makes the proximity warning useless for its actual purpose, as it's active...
  23. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  24. Shaamaan

    Let's make a "Quality of life improvements" list for FDevs

    Let me get this right out of the way: I like ED, but quite often the game is pure annoyance in digital form because of... "reasons", apparently. I'm talking about silly little time-wasting or annoying in-game things. So, let's make a list of those, so hopefully FDevs know what to tackle. The...
  25. Gueromarinero

    Go into Orbit

    Pretty straightforward. Go into orbit. Ensign, take us into orbit.... Sure we've all seen that often enough. Sooo, why not? Making room for functions, buttons.... There can be Standard Orbit, say for default, then you can get to geosync etc etc if you want something specific... orbit over...
  26. dezpe

    QoL Request: Please give us a keybind to toggle "relative mouse" on and off!

    Dear Fdev Support! This feature would be a huge QoL improvement for many CMDRs who fly with mouse and keyboard. Many of Elite's KBAM users enjoy the great pricision from the relative mouse setting, especially while flying FA-OFF. But as soon as we are entering Supercruise, the relative mouse...
  27. C

    Quality of life improvements

    So there are some things that are too difficult to read or distinguish because of minor issues, these things could be very easily fixed, 1st is the font size of text in the game, I have a 50 inch tv and decent vision but even I am strugling to read some of the text on screen. It would be super...
  28. CaptainCaboose

    New Module(to improve Quality of Life for long play sessions)

    Morning all While I sit here at work shirking all responsibility, I had a thought: Kinetic Ammo Racks as optional internal modules. If, as a PVE combat-oriented T-10 player, I wanted to sacrifice some HRP slots to ensure I was carrying extra ammo for extended runs through the HazRez, I...
  29. Daish

    Has QOL been forgotten?

    HAS QOL been forgotten about, there seems to be no mention of this for sometime, I recall frontier stating the following, back in 2016... "FRONTIER" I'd like to petition you all to help me create a list of simple, small, technically feasible suggestions that you believe could improve your QOL...
  30. shrav

    QoL for system status and mysterious things

    Just a small thing that could help explorers as well as make the Galaxy feel more alive to everyone. As you enter a human inhabited system COVAS will tell you what state the system is in (eg. Economic boom detected, civil war in progress). For mysterious things like thargoid sites, guardian...

    Allow SRV to scoop materials without targeting

    Now that material space is largely a non-issue, there's no longer any need to pick and choose in between which materials you want to take. Right now, having to target each individual chunk of ore is just an annoying and unnecessary extra step. A small, but appreciated quality-of-life change...
  32. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"

  33. CMDR Spadino

    QOL Comprehensive Suggestion List

    Why So, I have some features I would like to suggest to improve our overall experience. I know that's almost every serious player in the forum as requests and suggestions so maybe we, as players, should redact a comprehensive list of ideas and suggestion, to be further discussed, to politely...
  34. A

    Quality of Life improvement for outfitting screen

    When I outfit my ships with external components (utility mounts, hard points), I like to place them strategically. For example, if I outfit an ASP with Point Defence, I want to place it in the back just above the hatch. That is the best position (IMO) for the PD as it protects both against...
  35. EWanderer

    A small Idea for an repair limpet & AMFU Interaction

    So most explorers were there maybe at some point. Right now noone can stay truley independent in the black. All can be maintanced except the Power Plant. So here is my suggestion: Make Repair Limpets not expire on Full Hull, but wait until the Timter has run out/the ship takes damage. While...
  36. C

    NPC crew interaction in large ship Bridges.

    Was looking at the bridge of the T-7 thinking it was a shame I don't have a couple of NPC's standing around back there. I would like to be able to set "directives" or general orders for them, say, for example, "Honk on arrival to star" or you know, something simple. That could be for a position...
  37. RolloTreadway

    Exploration: Quality of Life improvement, much needed, please, it's been years now

    I know this has been suggested before, probably many times, at least once by me. But the change never happens and I'm not going to stop going on about it until it does. PLEASE can we have an improvement to the system for giving exploration data to Universal Cartographics. It really is not fun...
  38. N

    Some QoL suggestions, and yes, a bit of a moan about Co-Op play

    This was going to be several posts, but I've sat on them to group up as no-one needs any more forum drama. Yes, these aren't new, but I just wanted to get them off my chest. :x So; 1) Co-Op play Seriously. Urgh. This is so badly implemented it should just be scrapped and rebuilt. Let's...
  39. C

    (QoL) Improving limpets and making them better to use

    I think that limpets are a great idea that is unfortunately hampered by it's execution. There's far too much unnecessary complexity involved with the use of limpets, making using them a more annoying prospect then it need to be. The biggest problem in this regard is the fact that limpets have...
  40. Yamiks

    [video] 10 Quality of life improvements (part4)

    https://youtu.be/NikBbzKiki4 ....for those with little attention span : TL;DW : #1 Ship integrity has to be moved to main page and/or recombined with repair all #2 Missiles/torps/mines come WITH ammo (why do we need to rearm these weapons?) #3 Colored bookmarks #4 In shipyard : maneuverability...
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