1. Alec Turner

    Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Magic 8 Ball Championship

    We've been quiet for way too long but the Buckyball Racing Club are back baby, with a whole new championship consisting of 8 races run at monthly intervals throughout 3308. The idea with this championship is that we will re-run 8 of the community's favourite races from the past 6 years of...
  2. PrimetimeCasual

    Community Event / Creation Speedbowl IV - New Grounds - 21/22 November 3306 - Hypersonic gravity assisted racing is back!

    PrimetimeCasual presents Speedbowl IV - New Grounds Approved by the GSA Powered by EDSM.net Sponsored by BPMC Event artwork by CMDR Rheeney Original artwork by Allcrowsareblack What is a Speedbowl and why should I care? Speedbowl I was conceived out of CMDR PrimetimeCasuals find that...
  3. RonkerZ

    How ED Arena can be saved

    It bugs me how a different gamemode is considered 'dead' by the community. I have played CQC a few times, I am currently Level 25 and it's honestly not a bad gamemode but I can see why it's not for everyone. So I came up with a few ideas on how Arena can be improved and be fun for everyone in...
  4. R

    Player Designed Race Courses

    Players like to compete, but currently setting up race courses and trials is not possible and has to be completely imagined and explained in some detail. Possible Solution Allow players to purchase and drop limpets designated as race / trial 'start-points', 'end-points' and 'way-points'...
  5. Phoenix_Dfire

    Race Tracks Anyone?

    Hi All, What do you think of this idea. You'll have seen in some bases (especially the big cities on the planetary surface) have roads which allow SRVs to drive around the city. What do think of creating a few planetary bases which consist of nothing but a large of circuit of this road. It...
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