1. F

    PvP Ironblood AXe

    Today on MEGA is the META: Prinz Eugen and the Farsight EnclaveS come under attack from a Formal dEclaration of war from the "combat pilots" of AXIN. Details of the formal declaration can be listened to at here: Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/513875735 Who will come out on top? Prinz...
  2. 43615

    Class 3 & 4 Railguns + Change suggestion

    C3 & C4 rails have already been talked about, so I won't go into much detail. Basically, increase the stats and make the charge duration longer. I don't need to tell you how awesome they would be. I also have a suggestion for a change to how rails work: reduce the heat output by 50% and add...
  3. M

    Railgun FX need work.

    We have Railguns in our current time... They do not look like pulse lasers. please give them a more realistic aesthetic appeal. consider giving them a particle/smoke trail instead of giving them a pulse laser look. i think this could be easily implemented using the same FX as the engine smoke...
  4. Cmdr Fremen

    Community Event / Creation Operation: Asteroid Ambush

    Operation: Asteroid Ambush (Event) Operation: Asteroid Ambush Operation: Asteroid Ambush is a joint operation roleplaying event between the exotic tribals of the Winged Cobra Tribe (Wicotees), the covert agents of the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA), and the villains of the Relentless...
  5. Cmdr Fremen

    [Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

    To all the villains in the Elite: Dangerous Universe! Come and join the Relentless forums and voice chat to find outlaws like you! Play together and make friends, form a crew and participate in challenges! It's a place of cheap grog and bar music, shouting and laughter, fist fights and some...
  6. Maxim Jameson

    Retractable gear.. Landing on Asteroids with a surprise...

    You know there just had to be nice rock out there with a reasonably open spot for landing.. so lets go see how it's done.. http://youtu.be/wKdPUdoo3qY voice of space traffic controller not included with game..
  7. caol

    Gravity Tow

    This is not intended as a feature request or suggestion that this should be added to Elite: Dangerous. Just thought people here might find this interesting.
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