1. B

    Solution for carrier "transfer money/rank exploit" & ensuring better trading with carriers

    Hey there. Its my first post here and i do it because i love Elite Dangerous! If the carrier market would have a cooldown time for changing market prices (meaning a carrier owner can only change the buy/sell options of all goods every 24 hours), this would hinder users from transfering money...
  2. C

    Newcomer / Intro (question) Blind farming empire rank

    With the latest event, mass saving lives by taking people out of broken station seams to be a good way to farm empire rank, and it is. I also know that once your rank progress bar is full for your current title, the experience earn is not lost and keeps adding up behind the scene towards the...
  3. P

    New Elite Rankings to pursue

    Need more elite ranks to chase. Once you hit triple elite (combat, explore, trade), doing some of these activities loses its fun. Additionally once you've hit Elite rank in all areas (or individually), you should be able to reset and chase the titles again. Have some reward for doing so, and...
  4. V

    Fed Rank Grind Status?

    Is station rescue missions still my best bet? I know Sothis and Ceos kind of work still but are incredibly slow because the board flipping, or lack there of.
  5. schmicknick

    Quad Elite... finally! :)

    ...happy to have attained the ranks and to join the (about) 27 Cmdrs. who have achieved this. I do think I'm the first person to do this on xbox, idk if anyone has actually done it on PS. ...my kill count is likely lower than 'usual'... in that, I flew many casual rounds with new players and...
  6. Rexoplex

    Ideas to Buff/Much Further Implement Powerplay

    1. Allow Empire and Federation associated powerplay activities to contribute to the Empire or Federation rank grinds for ship access. 2. DRASTICALLY increase merit gain from all sources (and add more sources) so that the merit grind for rating 5 is actually even remotely worth it for every...
  7. Daish

    Ranking up

    Is anyone else having issues with not seeing the dedicated rank missions popping up from time to time, after 3.5 hours game play god knows how many boom deliveries etc, NOTHING!!! is this seriously a bug or issue for frontier, or have they decided to make it another grind fest through ranking...!!!!
  8. C

    Fed Rank progression slowing down by 50% - why?

    Hi all, I'm out at Ceos/Sothis doing the grind for a Corvette. I'm Elite ranked explorer and only broker trader, and so I found that the passenger missions to Sirius Atmospherics were more lucrative than running data/cargo trade between stations - going from Lieutenant Commander and Post...
  9. N

    Should "firsts" not be worth more than they are?

    Just docked in the Jellyfish nebula, having made the relatively short journey across from the Rosette nebula. It's about 20 to 30 jumps. Almost all systems I stopped at and scanned as first discovery. When I come to cash in, it's worth 2.7million credits. The first bonuses come in at about a...
  10. n13L5

    Imperial Navy rank-up missions MIA in 3.0...?

    Firstly, you don't have to explain to me how to rank up or how and from whom to expect / find the navy rank-up mission. I'm well beyond 100%, so its not a rounded up 100% on the display either. I've never had any issue getting the rank-up mission within a short time after passing 100% from an...
  11. P

    Newcomer / Intro Federation ranking

    I've been playing for 170 hours right now in Elite Dangerous. I've got even an Anaconda ship (and many others). The problem is that my Federation Rank (which I'm allied with top reputation) is Still at NONE at 100% and I've never seen any mission about promotion. I'm "living" in BEETRIX start...
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