1. Kissamies

    Rare commodity for GCRV 1568

    The Painite double hot spot has made GCRV 1568 a high traffic system and it's also the home system for a Finnish PMF Aseveljet. Perhaps it would be good to celebrate this by bringing these two things together with a rare commodity. Something Finnish that has to do with rocks. A sauna stove...
  2. Whispering Dave

    Ships Rares map on Krait rear console?

    Noticed a small detail on the rear console in the Krait II bridge. A rares trading route perhaps? The original map by CMDR Gid.
  3. Raiko

    Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Black Riband Rebooted

    Buckyball Racing Club presents The Black Riband Rebooted A Standing Challenge for Smugglers CURRENT HOLDER: Cmdr Bruski (Flaming OnionBe4r Freight) Time: 02:48:41 BLACK RIBAND STANDINGS - 21:00 UTC 18-JUL-3304 BOOTLEGGER EXPRESS STANDINGS - 21:00 UTC 18-JUL-3304 COBRA CHALLENGE CUP...
  4. Raiko

    Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club Presents: The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl (28th April to 13th May)

    RUN SUBMISSION FORM Nothing beats a good pub crawl, since the dawn of time it seems as though humanity has enjoyed the experience of staggering from one bar to the next with a group of friends, having a merry time and finishing up with a plate of spicy food or dancing the night away in a club -...
  5. King Morbid

    Rare Commodity suggestion.

    I would like rare goods that are blocked by factions to be available to buy on the black market. It would be nice if we could use the black market as a black market. The market would have to be a permanent fixture, no matter the Power or faction. The weakness would be possibilities of T-sensor...
  6. Raiko

    Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Black Riband

    The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Black Riband - sponsored by Evil Juice. Are you the best smuggler in the galaxy? Prove it then... Please note, this event is for OPEN-MODE ONLY The Leaderboards Correct at 08:00GMT 01-SEP-3303 Current Holder Previous Holders Unsuccessful...
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