1. GN_Abbude

    Raxxla. I just want to ask a question. (Google translator)

    greetings commanders !! where is this system? (this is in the ps4 trailer) I was looking at the center of the raxxla symbol and remembered this distinctive mark on the planet. I do not vary much of activity but also do not remember this marking in the game.
  2. J

    Question for Frontier??

    How does your permit system work? How does the game know i dont have a permit for a certain system? Is it my onboard computer and sensor's or something else? Thanks in advance 👍
  3. Ambushlizard30


    Anyone caught up in the Raxxla search like me? :( Best I can figure after hours of pondering reviewing the clues is that it is a gateway (wormhole) as such to another system.. and seeing how FDEV takes alot of its idea's from movies from the past.. there is a 85% chance this is correct.. I have...
  4. SkyB

    Travel Distance in 2296

    Greetings Cmdrs, any ideas how far ships could travel in the frame of 2200 to 2300? Earliest mention of Raxxa was in 2996. Determining the travel capability of ships in this time would greatly narrow down the search area - if in fact it is human made.
  5. Daniel Klimchuk

    (Humor) I found Raxxla - I am ready to share it with everyone.

    I finally found Raxxla, and I am ready to share it with the world: Where do I get my reward?
  6. JT442

    The Elite Dangerous Storyline

    The Children of Raxxla would like to share with you an analysis of the very complicated storyline. We have uncovered the extent of the corruption brought about by the corporations, and expanded on a popular Thargoid theory. We touch upon Raxxla, The Dark Wheel, The Club... everything is linked...
  7. C


  8. B

    Thargoids, Raxxla, Dark Wheel, and how they are connected...maybe.

    (The following suggestion is a fictitious use of fictitious places and characters to create a fictitious story that could fictitiously connect fictitious events in a fictitiously believable way. Although fictitious places and people are mentioned in this fictitious suggestion, they are used in a...
  9. Boff'in

    I'm off on my Journey to find Raxxla

    Looks like I shall be bouncing around Mother Gaia systems for a bit ;) Running of the Hypothesis that others have gathered. 1) The early interstellar pilots talked of Raxxla and the dark-wheel station. 2) Meaning ancient FSD travel too and from to find and get word back over specific timespan...
  10. RevCaoticFox

    Where are the Explorers Anchorage changes

    So, upon investigation... the station we mined 2.3 MILLION TONNES of materials to fit, is still the way it was when we left it, once the last CG had ended. Why did we even bother? AND WHERE IS THE MEGASHIP!?!?!?!
  11. publicstaticvoid

    Void's Independent Research: Raxxla

    I have decided to release part of my recent research project into Raxxla. For the record, I have not found Raxxla but you can bet I will release an Independent Research Report in the event I do. The following assumptions have been made in this research: Raxxla can be found Raxxla was found...
  12. F

    Calling all rifters !!!!

    I have a brand new theory ! as far as we know the dark wheel (in game) is fake as told by flic the engineer and others and we have also been told you can not seek out the dark wheel but they will seek YOU! Using this info and knowledge of the bgs i suggest that if we completely wipe out...
  13. F

    KIC 8462852 mega structure?

    Ok so ive been to KIC 8462852 (abbys star) and nothing! Come on fdev where is the et maga structure? It was all over the news when you guys made the game and again at launch ... missed a trick there lol
  14. publicstaticvoid

    Raxxla: The New Evidence (Major Spoilers)

    Commander PublicStaticVoid's independent investigation into the mystery of Raxxla Preface: To the commanders who have been to Raxxla already, what you seek to keep secret I seek to unearth... To all the explorers out there searching, we aren't done yet... To the troll master and his group of...
  15. Swizzy o7o7

    Raxxla In Distant Worlds 2!!!

  16. ScolioTheMost

    Independent Raxxla Hunters!

    Hey all, I created a simple discord just for all the Independent Raxxla Hunters out there. We can at very least keep ourselves from going insane in the void. No membership required we are not an organization We are not affiliated with any organization or faction All are welcome If...
  17. Roen Soul

    Raxxla - How it used to be...

    I have started to remember some things I had forgot in time. I recall that Andromeda was also called the Galaxy 9. Ben Ryders original portal to Galaxy 9 was in next system from Tionisla. I can’t recall exactly what system, because the names have been changed. This has been done to hide the...
  18. CMDRGURU951

    I Fully Scanned All Primary Star Systems Of All 12 Constellations Of The Zodiac + More.

    The Grand Experiment. It was a hair brained idea. Top Notch Tin Foiling. And it took me months. I needed some breaks to mix things up at times. The goal was to see if I could acquire the Polaris Permit by using the constellations that are seen in the galaxy map, when viewing the map from Sol...
  19. NewkTV

    The Forgotten Initiative: Hunt for Raxxla!

    ALL REPORTS/PROGRESS UPDATED ON THE BOTTOM After today's big announcement, it is clearly confirmed by Frontier that Chapter 4 will bring amazing Lore in the Codex including Raxxla and The Dark Wheel. The Forgotten Initiative has decided to take lead on this new insight and send their Scientific...
  20. Roen Soul

    Request for Ram Tah to Visit Professor Palin

    Request To Professor Palin, Ram Tah, Liz Ryder Historical research of Thargoids and Guardians is pointing out the fact that there is plausible hybrid technology used in previous wars against alien species. The Black OP's and INRA were testing these hybrid systems in the Rift as a fact just to...
  21. FatFreddysCoat

    Simple, binary question: is Raxxla in-game and findable currently?

    Here's the scenario: I have all engineers unlocked and a pot of cash. I have as many permits as engineer / rank locks allow for currently. Question: If I set out today, is Raxxla possible to find and identify? I don't count Raxxla being in-game but not programmed in by Fdev or hidden behind a...
  22. S

    Conspiracy Theories

    So we have this nice little rainbow color human occupied bubble and to my knowledge most things outside of it is unexplored. This makes me think that there could be other things beside thargoids out there like the Raxxla myth and maybe other things not like other aliens, planets with life on...
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