1. Swizzy o7o7

    STAND WITH HONG KONG! r/EliteDangerous mod censorship.

    I implore everyone to support the human rights movement for Hong Kong. As we all are aware of, moderation on r/EliteDangerous is marginal at the best of times. This however, is no excuse for such intentions. The mods at r/EliteDangerous have deliberately censored multiple posts in support of...
  2. M

    ~ Frontier, please improve your Lion ~ *** check out how this guy over Reddit (DRASTICALLY) fixed the cartoony look of the Lion ***

    Frontier, please take a look at this post over Planet Zoo's sub reddit (it has 151 upvotes ! ) : Source: ^ This guy from Reddit post litterally fixed the unrealistic Lion : You can clearly...
  3. klichekid

    There will be no update on the 29th, only a live stream reveal. (Sharing from reddit)

    Sharing this post that I started over at reddit. People seem to believe that the update will drop during or after the live stream and/or people believe that there is no stream tomorrow and instead we will receive an update. Changes have been made to accommodate the user populace on this outlet...
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