1. R

    Anyone know if I can make a fan site and what content I can use?

    I want to make a fan site showing the game off as well as in-game video, images, audio, text, and other forms of media captured by my own hand with a recruitment page to my squadron. I have checked the T's/C's for info on this and it says I need written permission first. I've emailed frontier...
  2. N

    Colorblind Mode

    I don't know if any other colorblind people have this issue, but when I'm using the heat map function and am looking at something such as "Guest Happiness" I have a great deal of difficulty seeing the difference between red and green guests. However, this is the only place where my...
  3. N

    Simple VR Keyboard idea

    Hello guys, first post here I don't know if Devs often come read suggestion but I want to give it a try. I'm sure many of you had this idea pop in their head too maybe the dev themselves but it cannot be done ? Anyway here's my idea at an ingame keyboard for VR users : Have an...
  4. coasterfreak0471

    Request to Bring Back Old Screams/Cheers when Guests Ride Roller Coasters

    I'm not sure how long ago it was, but I noticed that in an update that was released several months ago (I think it was quite big), guests now don't scream as much on roller coasters, giving me the idea that they aren't as excited on roller coasters, even if the excitement, intensity, and nausea...
  5. J

    Object scaling

    Hello Frontier/Community Something I always missed in planet zoo was scaling items. In my opinion, to unleash ultimate creativity the user has to be able to rescale (certain) items. For example, I think that the option would help in creating scenery where things do not look as repetitive...
  6. Old Duck

    Add "Plot Course" Button on Mission Transaction Screen

    When you look at the left panel, select Transactions, and then pick a Mission, there's room for one more button - PLOT COURSE. This would be wonderful! Insert it right before "Open Galaxy Map", since this is why I click that button in the first place, to plot a course. ps - Not everyone is on a...
  7. brodyluc

    Can Someone Port Supreme Leader Snoke To Planet Coaster? {Posed?}

    I could really use Snoke in Planet Coaster for my ride?
  8. Riverside

    Docking Call Sign fallback rule

    I bought a new ship (a Cutter) for a specific task yesterday & have not yet named it. When a docking request is approved I hear the station manager state "Gutamaya zero-zero-zero...". In the audio options I have callsign set to shipname, but this ship doesn't have a name. I think it should have...
  9. S

    Add Comets, Oort clouds, and other new shiny stellar phenomenon?

    I love the galaxy in Elite, but I always wished there was just a little more to the asteroid belts, planet rings and other non-planetary bodies out in the black. I think it would be fun to add comets that travel from system to system, maybe even some large enough for small ships to land on, or...
  10. M

    New thread feature request

    Hey guys just a suggestion. How about you add an "Ask Questions" section and add the ability to designate a comment as the correct answer for the OP so that way when they designate it a correct answer then people who click it will be able to jump straight to that comment.
  11. S

    Longer mission expiring date

    Hello everyone, As an almost 40years old, almost dad "boy" :) I have limited time to enjoy the world of ED, actually I can only fly a couple of hours in the evening, and I enjoy it a lot. My only difficult is to be able to complete most of the (easy moatly) missions that expire within 24 hours...
  12. S

    Docking Request Denied

    So last night I was trying to dock at a space port and I put in (not even kidding) at least 20 back to back requests to dock and all were denied. All I wanted to do was drop off my three passengers.....a simple 7 million dollar job. Upon entry out of SC, there were no system authority vessels...
  13. Gavin786

    Feature Request: Limpit Warning!

    Ever left a station and forgot your limpits? Wasted a whole load of materials synthesising limpits because you couldn't be bothered flying back? Guess what, you are not the only one. It would be really nice to have a limpit warning feature(that can be enabled/disabled on ship functions on the...

    Have a shipyard at the Distant Worlds mining CG

    While it is really great that Frontier has agreed to have a mining CG in the middle of the galaxy, it does lead to a logistical problem for the vast majority of everyone actually taking part in the expedition. Most people came on the trip to explore, and thus don't actually have outfits that...
  15. C

    Docking request denied

    Been trying to dock at Bosch hangar in the flousop system for over an hour I'm in a medium pad ship krait mk 2 I have a mission to delivery radioactive armour it's worth over 3.000.000 credits but it keeps saying docking request denied I'm not wanted or carrying anything illegal I see other...
  16. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  17. Athan

    Discussion [Feature Request] Current conflict status in FSDJump and Location ActiveStates

    Can we plase get the status of a conflict (War, Civil War, Election) in the journal? I'd envisage it being added into the ActiveStates array per faction. If it's an appropriate state then have a Progress key like: ..., { "ActiveStates": [ { "State": "Election", "Progress"...
  18. Jibberish


    Me and a friend put together a ship with Repair Limpets, Fuel Limpets, Regeneration Lasers, etc. to help live players anytime and the new "Help Me" USSes coming out in 3.3. Not to compete with the Fuel Rats, but to help and have fun. We started talking about having a paintjob - white with a...
  19. B

    Simple request: Docking Computer as an onboard module

    Simple Quality of Life request: - Please Fdev, can you add the Docking Computer as an onboard feature (like the nightvision). So we (miners and traders) can have a free Class 2 slot I personnally use this module a lot, so i can (Request docking > Throttle to Zero > ALT+TABING and let the ship...
  20. Riverside

    General / Off-Topic Friend Request Day

    Today is the 9th of the 9th, one of those rare days when all countries agree on what date format to use :D In the name of community I'd like to ask everyone to send a friend request (on here, or in-game if they are happy to share their Cmdr name on private request) to anyone you like. There's...
  21. S

    Dark Rides: Can we Pick the speeds? (For specific Track segments)

    Ive noticed with just about any dark ride in this game that if you look at the track options while placing down track, there is no suggestions for a different speed at a different track segment, instead, you have to endure the entire ride at a constant speed, with the occasional timed pause. I...
  22. C

    Feature Request

    I love your game! But, if any F dev reads this, could like do a favor for us poor explorers? I enjoy looking about the galaxy you all created and you do a great job of creating vistas for us to see. BUT, we are explorers. Would it be possible for us to find something new out there? aybe another...
  23. 1v4n94

    Flying creatures you'd like to see in the game

    So, we already have the 1st two candidates which appeared in the 1st movie: Dimorphodon and Pteranodon, but... which other "exotic" or unique flying creatures you think would be a great addition to the game? CURRENT WISHLIST: Pteranodon (this one appeared in almost every Jurassic movie)...
  24. CMDR Jean Bart

    Minor AspX buff makes a world of difference

    Do you like Asps in front of things? I like Asps in front of things. The Asp is my favourite exploration ship, despite the fact I have an anaconda with a significantly greater jump range, the Asp was the ship that brought me to Beagle Point and back, it to me is like another character in the...
  25. F

    Select Highest Threat Improvements

    Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed) I absolutely rely on Select Highest Threat when in group fights in HazRezes or HiCons. I love it so much, and that's why I think it could be improved. Very simple things: 1. Stop selecting dumbfire missiles. I don't...
  26. T

    Map Exploration

    So the game has been out for over two years now and less than 1% of the milky way has been explored. Don't get me wrong, i love the scale of this game. At this rate though the entire milky way will never be explored. While that might be intended, i had an interesting idea. so we are currently...
  27. CMDRTarkaDal

    SRV & Multicrew Feature Request

    First I'd like to quickly take this opportunity to say I am delighted with 3.0, the changes to the planets, engineers and the new chieftain particularly. Very good job! One of my few yet biggest disappointments with Horizons was the absence of SRVs in multicrew. It seems to be, particularly...
  28. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  29. V

    CB channels vs. pilot to pilot comms requests

    Greetings Commanders, To start a bit off topic, I've always associated trucker traffic, smuggling, evading law enforcement with movies like Smokey and The Bandit or Big Trouble in Little China to name two. With that said, I think that there can be an huge immersive component added by adding a...
  30. n13L5

    Is there a docking request shortcut yet, or is it still 1-e-e-s-spacebar-s-spacebar-q-q-1

    I must admit, typing out "1-e-e-s-spacebar-s-spacebar-q-q-1" every single time is bugging the crap out of me... I could go ranting and raving about it, but then, maybe there were some QoL changes I'm unaware of, since 1.4..?
  31. K

    Emergency FSD Jump, and a potential to fix combat logging

    I would be lying if my feature request didn't come from other sci-fi games/movies/books/tvshows. So the Frameshift Drive works like a warp engine from star trek, it allows us to create a Alcubierre bubble around the ship and relatively reach FTL speeds. This is Emergency Jump, it quickly...
  32. L

    Request: Companion app for the game?

    Any chances of a companion app being developed for the game, for use with tablets and smartphones?
  33. RolloTreadway

    Slight improvement to mission boards?

    Just now running down a list of missions from a lot of different factions, the thought occurred to me: would it be possible to be able to search for/sort/filter missions by destination, rather than faction? I'm sure I'm not the only player who regularly looks to see if there are any jobs for a...
  34. R

    Community Event / Creation EEEEK! New Player : HELP ME!

    EEEEK! New Player: HELP ME! I am TOTALLY out of my depth! Please "Throw Me A Bone" and recommend best sites for Beginners Tips, and Offer Any other relevant advice I will need! NOTHING is too simple or obvious to offer up! Please assume total idiocy, ignorance and NOOBness on my part...
  35. E

    WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

    That simple, Drew said via Facebook that FD wanted to see interest is the Audiobook before committing to making it, I for one have purchased all the audiobooks in the store and paperback versions of the ones that do not have via Amazon because I live in Chile and FD doesn't ship physical...
  36. General Zach

    Project Obsidian alpha

    N/A Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread. Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void...
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