1. S


    Hi all, Just a quick note to advise of an issue with TSAO PROSPECT, one of the Witch Head Nebula stations on fire at the moment. After recent efforts by FDev, passengers missions are now enabled for this station. Many thanks to FDev for this. However, TSAO PROSPECT has moved closer to the...
  2. ebbrell

    Reasons to do passenger evacuation missions at attacked stations

    I wish we had a reason to perform the passenger rescue missions. Imagine, we had a week to complete, if we don't get all the passengers off by the time the Thu cycle ends..... the station is either destroyed or requires double the materials to repair. If we complete and get all the passengers...
  3. K

    search and rescue finished?

    so while i was out and about i happened across a black box and on a whim i picked i up. i then later took it to a station with the intent of turning it into the search and rescue agent, but they say their task is complete. i didn't think it was possible for their task to be complete. i had...
  4. D

    Player rescue/salvage to reduce your rebuy

    You've bitten off more than you can chew in an RES, or CMDR GankyMcSpanky has yanked you and killed you, or you ran into a Neutron star, or a pirate killed you in a fit of spite. So, to the rebuy screen you go. What if, at the rebuy, there's an option that says "Wait X minutes for rescue"...
  5. Daish

    Search & Rescue dither dither dither

    Has anyone found the search and Rescue worth your time... I feel it's a wasted element to the game at the moment, and should be taken in another direction, by changing its core mechanic, as i see it at the moment it's not worth the bother, As much of it is like selling goods just in commodity...
  6. M

    Add "escape-shuttle" slot to every ship with moderate range, applications also for new C&P-system

    Add "escape-shuttle" slot to every ship with moderate range, applications also for new C&P-system Just as we had planetary approachment equipment added to every ship in Horizons with extra slot to fitting, we could have escape shuttle/pod (with moderate jump range and perhaps small fuel scoop...
  7. chagnampra

    Free Slaves - legitimately!!

    Please FDev, can we have a legitimate gameplay mechanic to free Slaves? Something like the Search and Rescue feature would do for now, at the very least, or faction-specific missions to free ‘X’ amount of Slaves. Something tied into faction rep and the BGS would be ideal, IMO. I remember, very...
  8. vangaleone

    Mission - Far Rescue

    Mission - Far Rescue Issued at any station. The main goal: to save a certain person or group of people outside the inhabited bubble. Fly to the right system. Look for the desired signal in space or on the surface of planets. Destroy possible threats. Load rescue capsules. Return. Possible...
  9. T

    Ionic Coupler

    Essentially this game's version of the Tractor Beam. Installation: My thinking is that it would be a two part installation 1.) An Ionic Field Generator taking up one small optional internal compartment. 2.) An Ion Beam Emitter using an external Utility Mount. Missions: 1.) Large Debris...
  10. L

    Rescue Missions, Fines, Bugs?

    It cannot be the intention to have the rescue stations so ironically broken. I have shown up to do my part for humanity, and it’s just been an infuriating dumpster fire. Not only can I not get any cargo within a station (“Reed’s Rest” to be very specific) for missions, but I got 4,700cr in...
  11. Fett_Li

    Ships Station Rescue Vessel

    Hi there, today I got myself engaged in some rescue missions at stations attacked by thargoids and really enjoyed it! Finally a use case where smaller, mor agile ships are of use! So I wanted to discuss what kind of loadout you find to be the most effective. Here are some of the insights I got...
  12. P

    Second time I have visited Copernicus Station to rescue people - no passengers.

    I have visited Copernicus twice now 24 hours apart - each time it has had no passengers - try later. Is it the same for everyone? Or am I unlucky or doing something wrong?
  13. Fi5hboN3

    Search and Rescue Missing People

    Just thought it would be cool to have a missing persons post in search and rescue, people who have been lost around the galaxy i.e CEO David Braben last seen in the Lave system, reward for finding him… 10cr (:P). and this would be a bonus added to the occupied escape pod reward. And these could...
  14. B

    Rescue CG: Curious and Interested

    So I just heard this is a thing, and am curious: Is this the sort of thing a Salvage Asp/Cobra III would suffice for? I've been known to use the latter, drop into Salvage USS and fire off limpets to collect Black Boxes just quick enough to escape pirate ambushes. It's something I enjoy from...
  15. Kroy

    ¢ ¢ ¢¢¢¢ ¢ ¢ Money money money

    Money, money, money. Elite money is credits, not dollars or pounds or euros. You can get the credits symbol more than one way (perhaps it could be added as a smilie) but if you press and hold "alt" and then type 0 1 6 2 on the numerical keypad of your keyboard (windows) then let go of alt...
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