1. starman

    General / Off-Topic retro world

    Is retro dating a thing?
  2. Jenner

    Hyperspace Delivery Service

    Just came across this one. Anyone play this? It looks like it'd be right up the alley of any Elite Dangerous fan. :) It's out now on Steam. Might have to pick this up!
  3. M


    The Steeplechase ride would be a cool roller coaster-type ride to add. They could have the old classic one from Coney Island's hey-day in the early 1900's (really a one-way downhill trip): or have a modern one...
  4. A

    Jurassic Safari, 1993 JP theme, missing JP: OG features and some QOL changes.

    I really love JW:E and I can see it was made with a lot of passion and love for the JP franchise, and it's amazing what Frontier did in such short time. During my playthrough however, I found a few things that could be improved/changed, keeping in mind what is actually doable and what could be...
  5. Sir.Tj

    General / Off-Topic Atari VCS

    I do have a weakness for retro gaming....Yeah I know it's cause I'm old... On the fence on this one...
  6. zackplanetcoaster

    Ben Schiff's Wild Mouse on Planet Coaster?

    I wish this game have B.A Schiff's Wild Mouse coaster. Pictures: Frontier, please make that!
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