1. Pixelated Sparkster

    A look at the Jurassic World Evolution port on the Nintendo Switch

    I was able to play Jurassic World Evolution on the switch for the past 10 days, and I have to say that I am impressed to see the game running on the portable system as well as it does. It has its compromises for sure, but after several hours, the game is as engaging as the ones from the other...
  2. VR Golgot

    Virtual Reality Reviews

    Just dumping these here in case anyone's looking for a new VR game :) Links lead off-site, just refresh the page if it doesn't jump straight to the review. The 'rating' formatting is a bit messed up: 4_5 = 4.5 / 5 etc. Sometimes I throw some pluses and minus in too ;) --- REVIEWS...
  3. H

    My review of my 12 hour Franchise mode experience.

    So I enjoyed playing around with the cash buy and started with the Indian Peafowls and the Greater Flamingos. Honestly everything was working out pretty good while the park was 2 exhibits. Then I started noticing the utility decay rate. Utility decay rate is a BIIIIG WOOOOW !!!!! What I mean by...
  4. A

    PC Gamer review confirms what we feared

    I am actually quite sad that the legitimate fear that many of us had of the game not delivering in the management department has come true. The review in PC Gamer calls Planet Zoo out for being either exhaustingly over-taxing in management when you do career or franchise mode or being dull if...
  5. Pixelated Sparkster

    Playing the main campaign mode in 2019.

    Hello Everyone! We just passed the first year anniversary of JWE, and with patch 1.8.3 out I went ahead and replayed the main campaign all over again since the game first came out. I will be writing down my experience here in the discussion so that the devs and community members could get an...
  6. S

    VOID S - First Person FTL Ok, so the game starts with you being directed by a ship computer that you need a few parts to restart the ships hyperdrive. You go to a derelict, board it, faces corrupted monster crew and in the end dies - you are supposed to do that...
  7. Amasaur

    My review of the 1.7 free patch and the new paid dlc

    Hello there, i just finished playing JWE, and as before i am still thankful for the dev team for their continuous work, even though i felt a little bit unhappy about the update when it was first announced to only have camera mode + some bug fixes ( because i have Ansel ), i am quite surprised by...
  8. Yamiks

    [Video] Mamba "Review"

  9. Yamiks

    [Video] Guardian ship launched fighter review

    Ship "review" HERE! So what do you guys think of these things?
  10. Yamiks

    [Video] Chieftain VS Challenger VS Crussader

    VIDEO LINK HERE It's a rather sad advancement in Alliance...
  11. Yamiks

    [Video] Crusader "review"

    Alliance Crusader "REVIEW" (link here) ...soo what do you guys think of the ship?
  12. Yamiks

    [Video] Challenger "review"

    With help of Exigeous I present : Challenger "review"! VIDEO LINK HERE
  13. Yamiks

    [video] Elite Dangerous "review"
  14. D0lphin

    Quality of Life: When Themes and Mechanics Collide

    JWE has clearly had a lot of love poured into it to make it operate the way it does. The attention to detail is impressive in every respect. Jurassic Park was the reason I started drawing, and later started modeling in 3D. It's my favourite film, and in a roundabout way, it got me into the games...
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