1. Y

    Are rides realistic?

    In my life, I have never seen anything like the rides in PZ in a real zoo. The closest to it is a kiddie train which just goes around on the main path from time to time. The game however, requires you to use rides to get guests from place to place, or they get tired. When I go to a zoo, I...
  2. M

    Guidance on transportation rides needed

    Hey guys, has anyone of you managed to establish a economically successful transportation ride like the boat tour or steam train? I have tried it myself, I have watched several streamers building a ride and talked to other people in the stream chats. No one has been able to build a ride, which...
  3. PaulsLeyGaming

    Parks Arbor Valley :) New design on park and my editing style :)

    So I have never put so much effort into video production and park design before :) I certainly hope people like it and would love some feedback on both the park and video :) Source: https://youtu.be/y8FOal9gGQ8
  4. I

    Some new rides ?!?!

    So I live In the uk and we get funfairs now i have seen many rides and i will be posting YouTube links to ones I think should be added to the game. These rides are good and would be good for the game. 1. Oxygen Source: https://youtu.be/HqTBSUId-oY 2. Extreme Source...
  5. nicmarlon


    Hi, everyone! This is GHOSTBUSTERS - PHANTOM FALL. Please RATE IT if you like it! :) This blueprint has 3,999 pieces and includes a few items from the Thememaker's Toolkit. If your creation is a prop I used in this ride: thank you very much! Would love to know here what you guys think of the...
  6. DominoPunkyHeart

    Some Ride Suggestions

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting a topic or thread, and I hope this is going to the right area. I'm a big fan of the game and I love everything about it. Especially all the recent updates and additions to the game. I have here some ride suggestions, and some of which are a bit...
  7. spoonetti

    "Tower"-Rides in realistic heights

    Hi all. That's my last post in the old forum! ;) I really wish all "tower rides" (Observation Tower, Star Flyer, Gyro Drop Tower) in realistic heights/sizes. The ingame tower rides ar IMO too large and high. It also would be wonderful to be able to adjust the heights of these rides. Ok...
  8. A

    PLEASE make guests not take ages to load and unload!

    I have NEVER seen guests so slowly leaving rides in real life, its almost unbearable. The moment someone leaves the seat is the moment someone else should be let in, instead they always walk as slow as snails to the exit and by the time its over almost two minutes pass. that would NEVER pass in...
  9. J

    Park surroundings

    It probably has been posted before, but here is a comment I left on facebook : Planet Coaster needs an update on park surroundings : city landscapes, coast, islands, etc... I think the island and coast could be easily done (maybe I'm wrong?) but I could totally understand the impossibility to...
  10. spoonetti

    My ideas for PlanCo - Part II : Rides

    Coasters: - More differently designed/themed cars for each type of coaster would be great - Pls. Give us the option to switch the lift hill catwalk from the right to the left side as well as to turn it off. - An option to set how many laps the coaster should take would be fine. - We finally...
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