1. viyakañero

    Panov Franbarr

    Panov Franbarr es el tercer hijo de un prominente Patrón Imperial con aspiraciones de grandeza. Su madre abandonó el hogar cuando Panov era muy pequeño, quizás para escapar de la excesiva rigidez y sobriedad del cabeza de familia. Su hermano y hermana siempre se han mostrado distantes y sus...
  2. Vandal_Stormovik

    Join the Far God and survive the apocalypse (Pleiades Concordat recruiting)

    We are the vengeance of the Far God! We are your salvation! We are the allies of the Thargoids! We are the 5th Column! We are your faction! Join in the holy crusade of the Far God today! Join the Pleiades Concordat! Check out our Inara site! Or check out our Web site! Blessings of the...
  3. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Deep Space Dangus

    Hey CMDRS, For anyone interested in Elite content that's more on the humorous/RP side of things, I've been putting out videos recently in a mini-series called "Deep Space Dangus", chronicling the adventures of Captain Spatula as he travels from Colonia, to Sagittarius A on a secret mission for...
  4. ZiggyGG

    [YouTube] Elite Galaxy - New Elite Dangerous focused channel

    Hello fellow Commanders! I've started my new YouTube Channel where I will talk about various parts of Elite Dangerous with a bit of role-playing on the Imperial side of the coin. First I want to address all new Commanders and make tutorial videos for them, so they can enjoy this game more. I...
  5. T

    Report of a lost battle - Fight of titans in Votaroi

    What a stupid name, commander Twistedcat. I had to make that bet. Anyway, today was goind to be an epic day. Or so I thought. A few weeks ago, my vulture was finally equipped with these sweet 5A thrusters and I was just back from The jet's hole where Hera Tani pimped up that ridiculously small...
  6. M

    2 years in never joined a group. been a long lonely journey.

    I'm a well rounded pilot enjoying all aspects of the game. I'm looking for active people who enjoy the game as much as I do. right now I'm focused on gaining empire rank (currently baron) and unlocking engineers... don't leave me in orbit! Fly Dangerously [alien]
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