roller coaster

  1. M

    Better Ride Breakdowns + Multi Color Coaster Trains!!

    I still can't believe after all these years with this game, coaster breakdowns are the same generic thing over and over. I miss cars stopped on the lift hill like RCT. Also hate that all guests leave the line immediately upon breakdown - they should trickle out little by little - more ppl leave...
  2. X

    New Coaster Type Ideas

    You can Include this it the next pack or whenever, But I do have other Coaster types in mind that could be used: New generation Intamin Blitz New Vekoma MK1101 Train RMC Raptor Premiere Rides Launch Coaster (similar to Joker's Jinx) Would appreciate the consideration!
  3. DwarrenIce

    [REL] Bloodrunner - Giga B&M - Custom supported

    Bloodrunner Get your blood pumping by riding Bloodrunner. This custom supported giga B&M is sure to spice up the skyline of your park. Get it on steam!
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