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  1. H

    Parks Rustica - 20x20 grid mini park

    I did a little challenge with a friend where we each had to make the best park we could with only a 20 x 20 grid in Plamet Coaster. My park is called Rustica and is themed around a mining community with a bit of a steampunk twist. The park contains 2 coasters, 1 dark ride and 3 flat rides...
  2. coasterfreak0471

    Request to Bring Back Old Screams/Cheers when Guests Ride Roller Coasters

    I'm not sure how long ago it was, but I noticed that in an update that was released several months ago (I think it was quite big), guests now don't scream as much on roller coasters, giving me the idea that they aren't as excited on roller coasters, even if the excitement, intensity, and nausea...
  3. M

    Better Ride Breakdowns + Multi Color Coaster Trains!!

    I still can't believe after all these years with this game, coaster breakdowns are the same generic thing over and over. I miss cars stopped on the lift hill like RCT. Also hate that all guests leave the line immediately upon breakdown - they should trickle out little by little - more ppl leave...
  4. X

    New Coaster Type Ideas

    You can Include this it the next pack or whenever, But I do have other Coaster types in mind that could be used: New generation Intamin Blitz New Vekoma MK1101 Train RMC Raptor Premiere Rides Launch Coaster (similar to Joker's Jinx) Would appreciate the consideration!
  5. DwarrenIce

    [REL] Bloodrunner - Giga B&M - Custom supported

    Bloodrunner Get your blood pumping by riding Bloodrunner. This custom supported giga B&M is sure to spice up the skyline of your park. Get it on steam!
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