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  1. Daaniea

    Vogel Rok - Efteling Recreation V2! (Indoor Roller Coaster Darkride)

    A complete recreation of the indoor dark roller coaster Vogel Rok in the Efteling in the Netherlands. Complete with theming, lights, queue, station and of course the real life coaster! Workshop link: Old version forum link...
  2. ThemeParkWirral

    Nemesis Alton Towers recreation

    My first attempt at a full scale recreation: The iconic Nemesis at Alton Towers! This used a lot of pieces, both vanilla and toolkit, and took just under 2 weeks. I am very happy with how the layout and station turned out aswell and wanted to show it about! If you would like to download and...
  3. Dawk_nite316

    Rewind Feature

    A rewind option would be cool for when implementing triggers. It gets kind of annoying having to cycle the coaster or track ride around the track just to see if a trigger is timed perfectly. When you have a lot of triggers it can get very timely. I know that would cause the game to require and...
  4. Berndji

    [WIP] Pirates of the Netherlands

    Hey guys, after years of not playing roller coaster games at all or just creating smaller stuff, I finally had the time to start a medium sized project again. (yay). Dedicated to the Pirates of Batavia this one is a compact and low profile single-rail coaster with a 95° Drop, 3 Inversions and...
  5. F

    Block section sync

    I would like the ability to sync block sections in a ride so that I can have trains leave block sections simultaneously. (very helpful for racing coasters).
  6. C

    Transfer-Track Mine Train Coaster Like Expedition Everest or Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    Hello, I have a request for a new coaster type. I think it is cool that we have the Mine Train Coaster in Planet Coaster, but I think it would also be cool to have one like Expedition Everest where it can go backwards and go to a different track section, also it would be nice to add a Linear...
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