roller coasters

  1. Dawk_nite316

    Rewind Feature

    A rewind option would be cool for when implementing triggers. It gets kind of annoying having to cycle the coaster or track ride around the track just to see if a trigger is timed perfectly. When you have a lot of triggers it can get very timely. I know that would cause the game to require and...
  2. Berndji

    [WIP] Pirates of the Netherlands

    Hey guys, after years of not playing roller coaster games at all or just creating smaller stuff, I finally had the time to start a medium sized project again. (yay). Dedicated to the Pirates of Batavia this one is a compact and low profile single-rail coaster with a 95° Drop, 3 Inversions and...
  3. F

    Block section sync

    I would like the ability to sync block sections in a ride so that I can have trains leave block sections simultaneously. (very helpful for racing coasters).
  4. C

    Transfer-Track Mine Train Coaster Like Expedition Everest or Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    Hello, I have a request for a new coaster type. I think it is cool that we have the Mine Train Coaster in Planet Coaster, but I think it would also be cool to have one like Expedition Everest where it can go backwards and go to a different track section, also it would be nice to add a Linear...
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