1. Ibn Mora

    Wanna join a group?

    Hello, Are you in need of a community? Feeling lonely in the empty void of space? Well friend I have a solution for you! By joining up with our crew; you can find yourself a few buddies, an easy cash flow and some good times! Recently, A friend of mine has started a group for Elite...
  2. Reshanna

    [RP] Hijacked Thargoid Signal Needs Decoding

    So I've gone and stumped our RP group with a double layering of hidden information in our own little Thargoid signal easter egg hunt. Instead of giving away the secret, I thought it would be a great thing to push out to all you amazing people, especially those who decoded the original signals...
  3. P

    [EMPIRE] Imperial Wraith Battalion is looking for new members!

    A brand new squadron the Imperial Wraith Battalion [IWBT] is looking for members that are loyal to the Empire and have over 50 hours on Elite. If you want to join you will have to go to this discord link and fill out all the requirements! I am currently the only member but I am hoping I can find...
  4. Arbitration

    Season Two of the Broadcast Cobra Podcast!

    Hello Commanders! Season Two of Broadcast Cobra kicked off on our anniversary date, April 1st. We hope to bring you regular monthly updates through out 3305 and beyond! You can always find our latest episode here. Advisory: Broadcast Cobra is intended for mature audiences only. CMDRs...
  5. Hazzmango

    [RP] Sayonara, little nugget

    We were just trying to ask if he liked chicken nuggets, that was all we wanted [woah] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo6wzmIHlF0
  6. Anubite

    Accidental Advance in Reverse Engineering Thargoid Warp Drives

    In researching Thargoid jumpdrive technology, the first breakthrough was discovered by accident. I was a crewman aboard the ship that saw it happen. The first tests seemed fruitless. Something about them had piqued the interest of a pair of interceptors, who dropped down to see clearly...
  7. Schagraulyn

    [RP-Story / Forums-Roman] Warpstone I Es beginnt mit der Dunkelheit.

    Mit einem Blinzeln öffnet sie die Augen. Es ist wieder fast dunkel und die Gurte halten sie in der Pilotenliege. Der Athem ist laut hörbar. Die Frontscheibe ist verdunkelt und es sind kleine feine Risse erkennbar. Langsam kommt ihr Verstand wieder in den bewussten Bereich. #Lebenserhaltung läuft...
  8. R

    Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company!

    Welcome weary traveller, to Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company! With the announcement of a new class of ship being made available to the public sector in the next year, I've stumbled across an interesting business proposition... I just need some assistance in funding it. If you're interested, I'd...
  9. Biohazard Crow

    The Nexus Union. Friends, Family, Comrades.

    The Nexus Union is a friendly independent player controlled faction based out of the Acurus System, situated on the forefront to unexplored space. We are dedicated to helping and training other commander’s in the game, striving to impart knowledge of being a pilot in the Elite Dangerous...
  10. A

    FDevs made me a criminal.

    So I came in to conclusion lately that FDevs made me a criminal. I killed one Federal Dropship player with a docking computer. Then I killed Mostly Harmless Eagle player. I got Wanted level. Usually I would just fly to another system and start doing my normal stuff, like trading commodities or...
  11. Commander Andersen

    Unofficial Launch Party - Copenhagen, Denmark

    I used to play Elite on my good old ZX Spectrum... I loved that game so much! Anyway, I'm going to put together an Unofficial Launch Party in Copenhagen, Denmark, and hope that a lot of the Danish backers will show up! :D I plan on finding a good location with flat screens, WIFI and plenty...
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