1. J

    I9 9900k higher frame rate with hyperthreading disabled

    Hi everybody, I noticed when I disable hyperthreading on my new cpu in the bios, the framerate on 1x speed increases from 25 fps to 30 fps in my park. This park has a guest count of 7.400 and has about 25k objects. This doesn't seem much but this is a massive 20% increase! I don't know if...
  2. V

    Vega and/or Ryzen VR

    Greetings commanders! I'm an admitted AMD fanboy. That said, I'm running a Ryzen 1700x @3.8 on all cores on the x370 Taichi with 16GB of 3200 @ 2933 on a water cooled Vega 64 Even before AMD's recent releases, I found it difficult to find good resources with VR users on AMD hardware as...
  3. grammatonfeather

    Any Ryzen VR users here?

    Built my first ever AMD based PC a few weeks ago. Have only ever built intel since days of 486sx. Piezen 1700. Giga gaming 5 motherboard. 16 GB DDR4 4000mhz C18 Teamgroup It's early days with DDR issues and waiting for better bios/agesa support. 3.925ghz and ram is currently limited to...
  4. OneViGOR

    Community Event / Creation Cartoon Artwork

    Hey, guys! I've done a little bit of digital cartoon artwork in my time, and thought I might throw together a quick picture for Elite. I only spent about 5-10 minutes on this one, so it's very simple, plain and far from my best, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. A Cobra MkIII orbiting a small...
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