1. Old Duck


    Why does Frontier always have a major sale for Elite Dangerous ($8.99 USD on Steam right now) immediately after an update? They did the same thing last September. Why not wait a few more weeks until they had a chance to patch the game? First impressions matter, and a lot of folk grabbing ED on...
  2. [VR] Mad Mike

    Game Discussions Epic Xmas sale is epic.

    So heads up. Free game every 24 hrs from now till new years Day. On top of that for each game over £14 (I think it is) you get £10 off. (Excluding preorders) So I just got the division 2 gold edition for £6.50 and probably of interest to the folk here rebel galaxy outlaw for £7.99. But...
  3. Scarlet Viper

    Various flight sim equipment for sale!

    I hope it's ok to post a message about my clearout sale here.. I don't have enough time any more for flight simming, so I am selling my complete setup. I live in the UK and all of this equipment will go live on ebay on Sunday around 8-9pm via this LINK. Acer XB270HU 144hz GSync monitor...
  4. Para Handy

    Game 76% off in Frontier store now

    Once again the game is at a sale price in the store - 76% off - so Commanders edition is only £9.60 again. Get your alternate commander now. ;)
  5. dreampage

    Elite Dangerous is On Sale Again (Black Friday) - 60%

    Hello Commanders, If anyone is interested, Elite Dangerous is, again, part of the Xbox Live Black Friday deals. The base game, the Commander Deluxe Edition and the Horizons Season Pass is 60% off right now until November 26. The latter may be interesting to most. If you don't have Horizons yet...
  6. M

    E:D Horizons addon now on sale on PS4 store

    If you're only running the Core E:D game on PS4, you can pick up the Horizons add-on at half price for a few weeks. Now only £9.99, down from £19.99. M
  7. dreampage

    Elite Dangerous is discounted on Xbox One this week

    Tell your friends! Or even better, gift them! Or tell them to gift their friends. Anyway. Elite Dangerous is discounted on Xbox Live this week*: Standard Edition - 60% off Commander Deluxe Edition - 50% off Horizons Season Pass - 40% off *For Xbox Live Gold members only Personally I'd...
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