1. Random Player

    Best Way to Find Rocks?

    I am curious about the best way to find rocks to mine once you've dropped into a zone. HOW? I drop in and start firing my Pulse Wave Scanner and really only Prospect "yellow" rocks that reflect back from the scanner, trying to ascertain what is a good rock and what's probably just a rock. I...
  2. S

    Issues with FSS

    Does anyone else have this issue when attempting to scan planets in FSS? it seems to happen to me every four systems or so as I zoom in to scan planets. It has happened no less than 6 times in the last 2 days. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. A

    Can this ring be scanned?

    I have tried everything, but this ring is just too far away from the class 2 gas giant and any other planets. Probes will not reach it to be scanned.
  4. Old Duck

    System Scan Complete

    System Scan Complete System Scan Complete System Scan Complete
  5. Sprie

    Finding the POI during a planetary scan mission

    I may have missed something, but before Beyond, finding a POI during a planetary scan mission, a scan with the discovery scanner caused the planet in question to be marked in the location table. But now, such mark doesn't show up any longer, neither when scanning the nav beacon. How are we...
  6. J

    Cannot scan Ancient Data Terminal

    Greetings, after having the terminal acticvated I try to scan, however my scanner does not start scanning. The Terminal is targeted, see attached pic. Link to pic: I have successfully scanned several Active Ancient Obelisks before. Any hints?
  7. P

    New Utility Mounts

    Couple new utility mount ideas: 1) Data Dish/Receiver - Something you could put on your ship to interact with a starport without having to dock with it. Once you get within range (ie maybe 7,500m) this would allow you to complete any task where there isn't something physically being exchanged...
  8. T

    Annoying COVAS

    Please give us the option to turn off things like "Scan detected" being spouted by the on board computer a thousand times. And please remove the damn warnings lol, they are too large and obscure one's field of veiw when reliant on fixed weaponry, cheers guys :)
  9. S

    Poor scan range

    WHO in his/her infinite mind has thought that scan range is something to do with mass (or so it seems) (no empirical data, just hours, hours, hours... and hours of scanning) . In every (my view) SCI-FI series/movie whole starsystem is scanned at once or much greater distance. If REAL engineer or...
  10. Riverside

    Wake Scanning for Data

    I play in a pretty varied way, I travel around, I trade, do missions & explore, I shoot at stuff until it pops then collect the stuff that falls out. So as far as the new materials & data collection is concerned I have collected a lot of everything, many of my bins are full, I miss the dilemma...
  11. n13L5

    ASPA - Aberrant Shield Pattern Analysis - none since 3.0. Not one...

    For this subject, the only posts I could find were ancient - from 2.3. I read where you were "supposed" to get them back then: Boom State systems with high population in either USS, Hi-Res or CZ by scanning ships. But lets not talk specifically about ASPA's just yet: The problem starts long...
  12. K

    can't find Classified Scan Fragment

    as the title says i can't find any Classified Scan Fragment things i have tried: scanning ships in sc in a boom system scanning ships in convoy signals in boom systems scanning ships in conflict zones scanning ships at checkpoints in a lockdown system scanning ships at military installations...
  13. Zenoe

    A solution to the whole "rank grind" thing thats been going on

    Remove the military rank altogether. Make the rank locked permits attainable via missions to complete. Alliance now has two ships (kinda) in the type-10 and chieftain, those aren't rank locked but can only be purchased in alliance space or at Jameson Memorial. I mean, you already need a god...
  14. G-Dubya

    Thieving passangers

    Ok please someone answer me this how do i stop getting scanned by police when entering a station. I just lost 40 mil cr in passangers because of this. Frontier how can i be blamed by the passangers for being scanned by the authorities who just do what they want?
  15. Bragolatch

    Sling Shot / Gravity assist

    To add some fun and another reason to get close to planetary bodies (other then and on top of appreciating the beauty) I propose adding another "layer" around moons and planets, similar to the glide vector when landing. This new outer layer would, with some skill, allow us to use gravity...
  16. Pliedies

    Newcomer / Intro Multiple scan missions on same planet!

    Greetings Commanders, I have had a right pig of a time with multiple planet scan missions on the same planet. I had 4 , and after each one I couldn't work out how to activate the next. Went back to the nav beacon etc. But when I went back and locked on to source , it was one I had been to ...
  17. T

    Why is the Explorer path so unbalanced?

    So, I have a question, why is the explorer career so unbalanced? This applies to all modes, but this is mostly about Open. The context here is when your ship is destroyed as opposed to your time investment. Let me explain.... (hint, there is a TL;DR to this.) The Combat Role: If you are...
  18. B

    Crime and punishment for planet scan jobs

    I just watched both casts of upcoming "Beyond" expansion and have question about law and punishment. It seems to be somewhat broken right now for the "planetary scan" missions where you have to download data from beacon. I haven't been doing anything illegal, many of these missions are...
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