1. Kolikokoli

    Scenarios European Karst

    Hello, guys :) I am a girl from Central Europe and was missing some "modern" European park. We have buildings from all time periods but not necessarily themed. So I've decided to make such park, inspired especially by Czech style but I hope everyone will enjoy it. I am not a fan of too many...
  2. C

    Settlement Scenario: support raid vessel 0/30

    Hi, For about two months now we have been exploiting the scenarios in the settlements for BGS activities by choosing attack or defence depending on the objectives. Until now defensive actions have not been a problem. Also the attack actions by destroying generators are also clear and do not...
  3. UCES Fossil

    Scenarios Hex World: Planet Coaster the board game

    Take control of the game board! Both castles have spawn points. No DLC required. This is a just-for-fun, moderately difficult scenario for people who play scenarios (both of you, :D🙄) Workshop page: Happy holidays!
  4. W

    Timed Scenario based on realtime are not ok design

    I like scenarios and challenge they offer, so I was looking forward for new scenarios in 1.3 patch. But as I played through both of them on hard I realized fatal flaw of timed scenario in games like planet zoo and why they just suck and are frustrating. In the end I was able to finish dlcs one...
  5. joshvickerson

    Mechanics Won't Fix Bathrooms (Scenario 11). Anyone Else?

    I just started the second to last scenario in career mode (Yamaguchi Prefecture Tranquility Zoo), and for the life of me cannot get mechanics to fix the bathrooms. I've tried calling them to the buildings, I've tried assigning only a bathroom to a work zone and assigning a mechanic to that zone...
  6. UCES Fossil

    Scenarios Psychedelphia - "If you know where you are, you're not really here"

    Umm...where are we again?
  7. A

    Dear Frontier Pls fix Scenario 10

    The issue i am facing are not getting donations .Keepers keep piling in front of empty keeper hut.All help will be appreciated.i have tried almost everything
  8. R

    Water is not getting cleaned

    Hi! I am currently playing the (4th? 5th?) scenario (the Africa crater one) where there is a big lake in the middle of the map, spreading to multiple habitats. I've got a problem with that lake - it is not getting cleaner. I do have (multiple) working water cleaning stations covering the water...
  9. Werewolf13

    Well - that was - Uhmmm - Exciting...

    ... and quite possibly the most fun I've ever had playing ED. Better even than when 2 Cobras piloted by CMDR's jumped me. Anyway - out of the clear blue sky (I didn't search on the topic) YOUTUBE recommended a video about how to do FED/EMPIRE ranking - fast, real fast. I was in the business at...
  10. Starlordmixtape

    Scenarios "Babe" (the movie) Scenario

    "Babe" (the movie) makes an exciting scenario. Check it out in my workshop. Please let me know your thoughts. "Babe" - It's been 23 years since the sheepdog championship, which took place at the Kingsmith...
  11. A

    could we have sandbox options in scenario editor

    the title could we have the no vomit, no litter ect options in scenario editor please, also would it be possible to add the option for double traits with guests? family guests with thrill seeker all seem to have really bad nausea ratings would be nice to give guests thrill seeker and iron...
  12. TomixComics

    Scenarios Freipark Revival Scenario

    [Difficult scenario, also might be a little heavy on some machines once it starts growing]. REQUIRES THE ADVENTURE PACK DLC. (I don't think it needs any of the other ones. If I'm wrong let me know) This scenario is inspired by an old RCT2 scenario, my old scenario "Hurricane Hills", and a real...
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