1. Jeminyne

    More Career scenarios, or allow players to make scenarios!

    Am I the only one who thinks the career levels are like, the best part of the game? It's the only mode where it feels truly like a zoo game, and not just a complicated box of creative tools. "Fix an abusive and shabby looking zoo, and turn it into a sanctuary!" "Take this limited space and...
  2. John Guevara

    add more training simulations/challanges for beginners

    I am no longer a beginner, but I can remember the painful learning time. At that time, I wanted scenarios that I could practice before. here some ideas what Fdev can include. fly 5 jumps or X ly with small ship to learn: fuel scooping route planning (for fuel scooping, if multiple systems...
  3. TomixComics

    Scenarios Riley Beach Challenge!

    ((THIS SCENARIO DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DLCs, BUT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE DLCs IN IT. It does use some items from the thememaker's toolkit which you will be given the option of subscribing to when you try to load up the level)). Riley Beach Waterpark & Resort wants to be able to turn a profit even...
  4. H

    CQC Scenario and BGS integration (Or f2p?)

    I think a great way to expand upon CQC and the idea of 'telepresence' is the ability to join a scenario/war/skirmish/combat zone as a sort of 'hired' pilot for one of the factions. From the mission board of a station in war or neighbouring system there could be a call to pilots to takeover...

    PCGamesN article reveals new BGS scenarios (SPOILERS)

    Sounds pretty cool...
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