1. D

    Delgus' Arecaceae Tree Pack

    Hello, I've just gotten back on track to create some more trees for PlanCo! So far I've upgraded all previous items on the workshop, bypassing the annoying height-restriction and fixing some lighting issues. So far I've published 15 objects, which is only the beginning: Chinese Windmill Palm...
  2. VinCedric

    Little Mermaid's Castle

    this castle is from Disney's The Little Mermaid Movie. I have tried to implement to the game Sadly I can't add the pictures here It keeps failing but here's the link if you want to see The Link
  3. W

    Most Wished for Scenery

    I was wondering what people’s most wished for scenery and decorative pieces are. Myself I’d love some maps to make info board creation smoother. The Australia map piece is awesome but a smaller version would be appreciated. People make some awesome custom maps on the workshop but the piece count...
  4. KITTracer7

    Flat Rides Fairy Flyer 🐤 - A new Planet Coaster ride-skin

    A classic ride has been tuned into 'Fairy Flyer'! When walking into the surroundings of the ride-skin, you can see the Free Flyer-ride. Before people enter the ride there's a queue into the passage of the house. Enjoy the classical area including an house, a little tower, a bridge, the ride Free...
  5. G

    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Two Additional Natural Scenery object types (Rock Formations and Fallen Trees)

    This is just a general idea of having two more scenery object types which are rock formations and fallen trees. Like the scenery rocks in-game, they would serve little purpose other than making the environments look pretty to your likings. They won't effect forest needs for your dinosaurs...
  6. G

    General Gameplay Scenery/Brush Trees from the Lost World movie.

    There aren't just redwoods from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, there were deciduous and other conifer tress in the movie as well. The redwoods were added to the game through Update 1.12, and those were scenery trees. The filming location, Patrick's Point State Park, is home to many other tree...
  7. M

    Missing features from Planet Coaster

    Loving the game so far, but there's a few features from Planet Coaster that I'm really missing at the moment. 1) Colouring walls (Currently far behind its predecessor) In PZ at the moment, there are only a few recolourable building items, namely the Painted Brick set. It's not an ideal set for...
  8. F

    Share your weird uses for building parts

    Creating this thread so that people can share creative uses for parts that isn't to their description Alphabet Comma small - great tiny filler piece, re-colourable Alphabet Brackets - useful for wall decoration as a border Indian Fabric Drapery - nice curved canvas material, if re-coloured to...
  9. Woody2107

    Terrain collision with paths.

    Heyo, While I was building my habitats I noticed something weird, if it was intentional or not I do not know. I have made an elevated path ever so slightly above the ground, that way i can make sunken habitats. When I was terraforming I noticed that with the normal push-pull method I can...
  10. Fisherman1

    Fisherman's Spooky Games and Snack Stands!

    Spooky Games and Snack Stands from Kaleidoscope Piers' Halloween Haunt event, Kaleidoscope FEARS! Games: Snack stands:
  11. E

    Dancing fountain shows

    Wish for dancing fountain shows that can be synchronized to music.
  12. G

    Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Interacting with Scenery trees and rocks

    The general idea is to have some dinosaurs interact with the current natural scenery objects. Different types of dinosaurs would interact differently to certain scenery objects. Medium herbivores would browse from the large tree, Tree 1. Sauropods would browse from all trees except Tree 1. (I...
  13. G

    Prehistoric Animals Statues

    Hello everyone, I think a good compromise on the Zoo/Prehistoric theme is to have prehistoric animals.. as statues. Like it is in many zoos now. Instead of having true animals, you can place statues with maybe signs\plaques that describes the creature. I saw that something pretty similar was...
  14. RadicalEdward2

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Foliage to Match Paleoecology (w/ new Scenery suggestions)

    I know posts have probably been made about this in the past about how the engine limitations make it difficult for them to add new trees or how its impossible to have this Sorna... replace this Sorna... ...but there are some ways that they could implement new tree types without...
  15. KITTracer7

    Chamaeleo Pointillica 🦎 - Huge scenery item!

    Almost good wednesday evening everyone! 🦎 A new species of chameleon has been discovered in the jungle of Planet Coaster! This is the Chamaeleo Pointillica. One of the greatest species ever found. The animal is about a whopping 5,000 coloured art shapes with a gigantic tree on which the...
  16. Ghostly Food Buffet

    Add scenery objects to ride cars

    It's a small thing to request, but it would be cool to customize ride vehicles with scenery. An example would be giving a train the dead look with cobwebs and moss.
  17. CarolinaSeeker94

    RailRoad Crossing Package

    I created this package to minic real life crossings based in the United States. I can't wait to see what you do with it. [heart]
  18. Kucewiczr

    Decades DLC

    I would like to see the next DLC be a decades DLC. In this DLC it should have Jukeboxes, Peace Signs, Hippie Van, Vinyl Records, flat rides from different decades like classic flat rides from the 1950's & 60's. I think this DLC would go well with the new Vintage DLC that just got released.
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