1. J

    Fuel Scoop Engineering

    Fuel scoops are an important part of this game for anyone who doesn't want to visit a station every few jumps or travel outside of the bubble. Despite this, the only thing you can do to the module is increase it's integrity. Blueprints: Efficiency: Your basic blueprint for those who aren't...

    Change a Beluga internal to class 7 - scooping is so slow!

    As the title says, while the last update was an absolutely excellent and very required buff for Saud Kruger ships, there is one major flaw that is still unresolved... and that is that the Beluga scoops very, very slowly. It has 3 class 6 slots, which while quite good for everything else it...
  3. Painter602

    Engineers Fuel Scoops - what Shielding does for Fuel Scoops?

    This must have been asked before, but I can't see it ... Can anybody tell me what Shielding does for Fuel Scoops?
  4. C


    Hey ! Few days ago I looked at the speculation about what could be atmosphere planetes and landing on it in the future. I know perfectly that there is absolutely no clear information, no date, no certitude that it'll come in the game, but I was dreaming, speculationg about that: Atmospheres...
  5. Z

    Last chance fuel scoop icon/display.

    I've just begun doing exploration using a Dolphin (for passenger missions as well) and I have noticed that when I enter my galaxy map it will tell me "last chance to fuel scoop" on my plotted route. I find it helpful, but not helpful enough, since I am running with a 3c fuel tank (8T) trying to...
  6. R

    Newcomer / Intro Heat damage AFTER scooping.

    As a licensed pilot and flight engineer i'd like to think I understand a little about thermal dynamics. For the life of me I can't figure out how I can set in a sweet spot and scoop all day long and not get above 75 but the second I turn tail from that spot to leave the star and start moving...
  7. n13L5

    are the cargo rewards for a lot of non-cargo missions just there to annoy us?

    Or is there a purpose? [EDIT: I see now, it was engineering commodities - before I started playing again this January...] Every mission running ship now has to waste a slot for an otherwise useless 4 ton cargo rack. On ships with few slots, that puts a serious crimp in your fitting...
  8. F

    Latest From The Fuel Scoop - The Butcher Of Upsilon Aquarii

    After a shady meeting with one of the most groundbreaking driectors in the galaxy, The Fuel Scoop can finally bring you the chilling and salacious story surrounding the controversy of Upsilon Aquarii...
  9. R

    Hyperspace and fuel scooping

    Would it be possible to set the FSD to exit out of hyper space a different distances from the main star? For instance if your in a medium ship jumping 40ly. You wont need to fuel scoop so if you could set the FSD to exit further away from the main star as to line up with the next system and...
  10. ToastSky

    Fuel Scoop QoL Change

    Problem:When fuel scooping you usually have little information of how close you are to the stars you're scooping from beside from experience of Heat % and Scoop rate, the radar and/or selecting the star itself does give you some idea it's still rather vague and not as detailed and clear as I'd...
  11. AL TARF

    Fuel Scoop engineer upgrades useless?

    Am I the only one thinking that the only available Fuel Scoop engineer upgrade - "Integrity" is completely useless? I didn't notice this upgrade until recently I saw it and got excited ( Fuel scoop is among few things you absolutely must have to explore the galaxy properly, and I'm the explorer...
  12. EidLeWeise

    Lavecon - Retro Lave OOLITE - Questions thread

    This year at Lavecon I have the (damn scary) honour of hosting an Oolite panel. A part of this will be some form of Q&A with people involved with Oolite including, hopefully its Developer, Giles Williams (aegidian), One of the many Modders for it, Dave (Selezen) Hughes, and Author of the...
  13. drew

    The Oolite Thread

    Elite / Oolite Fanfic... Folks, Might be regarded as spam (please delete if inappropriate), but I thought there might be some out there who'd appreciate some Fan Fiction in the Elite genre... I wrote a fairly significant story for the 'Oolite' ( remake of Elite back in 2006, the...
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