1. R

    Some screenshots from exploration trip.

    Here's few screenshots:
  2. Monsarona

    Yeah, I bet you can't find a staff room down there either fella.

    Found this guy just hanging out. ;P I even tried firing him but he can't move. And I can't move him either. Guess he's a permanent mole person now.
  3. Shyrahja

    Information Boards showing own screenshots taken in-game

    Hiya, I love the information boards and I love taking screenshots of my animals. It would be a great addition and optional interaction for our zoo photographers to maybe be able to take screenshots in-game which can be used for the information boards! Only animals of course, maybe working with...
  4. NiccoloDG

    A glimpse of a Jurassic World

    a thread of Photos I took while playing on Capture mode, I hope you guys enjoy viewing!
  5. J

    FSS Keybind option missing

    I'm beginning with exploration and so I was going to bind the "Enter FSS mode" to a key so I could utilize it to scan systems. When I went to look in my controls, I could find all FSS-related controls except for the "Enter FSS mode". I've looked around the categories for the option but simply...
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