1. A

    Animal screenshot/story suggestion

    First, I love the game and appreciate all the hard work the Frontier team has put into it. The fact that the animals in game may seem flat has long been talked about, but while I'm hopeful to see an announcement about expanding animal individuality and traits (even if no release date...
  2. Old Duck

    The most important question nobody is asking

    Can I fill the pads of my fleet carrier with all of my ships, allowing me to display and photograph my lovely fleet? Or is the FC just like a station or outpost where my fleet is stored away in the unseen depths, except the ship I'm currently flying? The most important function of any fleet...
  3. Jeminyne


    I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE SHE HAD FIVE This is the biggest litter of cheetah cubs you can have, right? I'm so proud
  4. NiccoloDG

    A glimpse of a Jurassic World

    a thread of Photos I took while playing on Capture mode, I hope you guys enjoy viewing!
  5. C

    Closest You Have Came To Disaster with an Expensive Ship

    This post is where you can show how close you came to really mucking up your expensive ships with all your expensive cargo and modules. You can add a short story, maybe a screenie (in spoilers please, to keep the comments from filling space). Remember, this has to be a really scary moment, not...
  6. J

    FSS Keybind option missing

    I'm beginning with exploration and so I was going to bind the "Enter FSS mode" to a key so I could utilize it to scan systems. When I went to look in my controls, I could find all FSS-related controls except for the "Enter FSS mode". I've looked around the categories for the option but simply...
  7. Old Duck

    Tempted by Black Friday Paint

    I'd love to see your favorite Black Friday paint job screenshots on PS4. In particular, I'm interested in the Anaconda and Dolphin (but feel free to post images of any ship). If you take a screenshot just for this thread, would you do me a favor and take it in Performance Mode if you're on a PS4...
  8. Beetlejude

    Community Event / Creation Colouring Book

    I made a colouring book from some screenshots. Some people might like it I'll add pages as I do them until I get fed up. I'm not a file management wizard so I hope this has uploaded correctly.
  9. ZioYuri78

    JWE Screenie(s)...

  10. Stellar Screenshots

    Hi folks, our previous screenie(s) thread went a fair bit over 10,000 replies. As such, it's time for a new screenshots / media thread! Please continue your postings of your in game screenshots and media to this shiny new thread. Thanks!
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