1. M

    Deselect species when searching

    Hey :) I would love a way to deselect species from market when searching. Like right clicking on the peafowl, so you don't have to scroll across 1000 of them. Right now i have to select every single animal manually without the peafowl. /M
  2. Bradleymee

    Add more features in the guest area. Will Pay.

    Dear Developers, Here are the features I wish to see in the game and I will gladly pay for these features if money is needed to take the time to implement them. I'll sort the amount of features the developers could choose to implement by Medals. I am only asking that the developers choose one...
  3. Gueromarinero

    Go into Orbit

    Pretty straightforward. Go into orbit. Ensign, take us into orbit.... Sure we've all seen that often enough. Sooo, why not? Making room for functions, buttons.... There can be Standard Orbit, say for default, then you can get to geosync etc etc if you want something specific... orbit over...
  4. M

    [Hey, Frontier!] What I want from the Galaxy Map

    I suppose I could post this to Suggestions but it'd probably get lost in there. But on coming back to ED one of the things that still really irritates me from an exploration point of view is the Galaxy Map. Basically, it's next to useless. We have a load of information available to us in the...

    Requesting assistance finding volcanoes on a moon

    Hi commanders, I've found a very beautiful and rare sight in the EORLD GRIE nebula; a volcanic moon orbiting very closely to a massive molten planet. With iron magma present, this would be an excellent point of interest to visit, however i've had no luck in discovering volcanoes yet...
  6. K

    search and rescue finished?

    so while i was out and about i happened across a black box and on a whim i picked i up. i then later took it to a station with the intent of turning it into the search and rescue agent, but they say their task is complete. i didn't think it was possible for their task to be complete. i had...
  7. Daish

    Search & Rescue dither dither dither

    Has anyone found the search and Rescue worth your time... I feel it's a wasted element to the game at the moment, and should be taken in another direction, by changing its core mechanic, as i see it at the moment it's not worth the bother, As much of it is like selling goods just in commodity...
  8. chagnampra

    Free Slaves - legitimately!!

    Please FDev, can we have a legitimate gameplay mechanic to free Slaves? Something like the Search and Rescue feature would do for now, at the very least, or faction-specific missions to free ‘X’ amount of Slaves. Something tied into faction rep and the BGS would be ideal, IMO. I remember, very...
  9. M

    incorect map designation of Famines

    I’m finding that when I use the galactic map to find Famines that when I go there they are outbreaks or civil war but are also not found under the correct tag on the Xbox. e.g. Belanit
  10. Fett_Li

    Ships Station Rescue Vessel

    Hi there, today I got myself engaged in some rescue missions at stations attacked by thargoids and really enjoyed it! Finally a use case where smaller, mor agile ships are of use! So I wanted to discuss what kind of loadout you find to be the most effective. Here are some of the insights I got...
  11. Fi5hboN3

    Search and Rescue Missing People

    Just thought it would be cool to have a missing persons post in search and rescue, people who have been lost around the galaxy i.e CEO David Braben last seen in the Lave system, reward for finding him… 10cr (:P). and this would be a bonus added to the occupied escape pod reward. And these could...
  12. Z

    Release Detailed search of systems

    This is a repost, since probably the other one was in the incorrect part of the forum. Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing...
  13. Z

    Discussion Deatailed search of systems

    Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing all the data available at the moment (with regular updates and all). However, the...
  14. NeoTeo

    Elite / Frontier C64 Elite emulated on Frodo

    Hi Everyone. In anticipation of Elite Dangerous I've started re-playing the C64 version of Elite on the Frodo emulator on my Mac and have got to the point of buying the energy bomb. The problem is I cannot for the life of me find a way to release it. The manual I have says it's on the C=...
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