1. Green Delta 11

    Unable to Store, Transfer, Buy or Sell Modules

    Hello, This week I have experienced an issue in my Krait MKII. I bought this machine in Colonia and recently returned to the Bubble. I did some engineering at Farseer Inc. I am playing through Steam on a Windows 10 operating system. Using Voice Attack. The first indication of a problem...
  2. Flying Scorpion

    How to make a station sell more stuff? Discussion

    How do you make a station sell a wider variety of stuff? We're located way out on the fringes of the bubble (outside of power play region) and the systems here have terrible stock on modules. How can we use the background simulator to help a station sell more stuff?
  3. Pausanias


    You buy a low grade fighter pilot, they stick around and build up rank as they already do, but what about having the ability to sell them for a profit when they are highly ranked? The football industry has been doing this for years.
  4. bowman9991

    Can Elite: Dangerous run in 4K?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of building a dedicated Elite: Dangerous PC to output to my 4K TV. I have two questions for anyone who has the time and feels like answering :) 1. Can you play Elite Dangerous in 4K in the Alpha? Or will it be possible in the final game? 2. If you can, can anyone suggest a...
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