1. Meneer_vandaal

    Discussion Consistency (and ease) of interface

    Do you recall that "Nuke/Nurse" button in the Spitting Image clip of Genesis' "Land of confusion"? Why is in your ship moving your joystick or pushing a button almost completely unlike in your SRV or in free camera? Does any of the developers own a motorcycle that turns left when you move the...
  2. G

    Ships Combat ship

    hi! im not sure what ship im going to buy, i got 90 mill and a type-9 ship right now. i want a ship to go into res and cz and combat mission
  3. Drebin Omega

    (I was told you guys might appreciate this here...) my Hull Seals Ship Livery Concept

    Midnight black with white accents, Hull Seal decals and Halpy the seal motif! (Thanks to Qohen Leth for his amazing ship pack)
  4. C

    Jerry Rigging Thargoid Technology In Human Ship

    Hello Commanders. We must advance our ship technology, thargoids are planning something. I propose we take blown up pieces from thargoid ships, slowly construct a wormhole tear device similar to what thargoids use, reinforce ship hull with thargoid petal materials with anti-corrosion layer for...
  5. Tariousx

    QOL Suggestions for Ship Purchases ETC

    I just have some ideas that would smooth some things with Ship purchases and Module Purchases. Note These suggestions also preserve the reward and effort in unlocking Elite Status -Ship and Module Catalog- If you are at a station where a ship is not available, you have the option to order one...
  6. askavir

    Frontier Pilot Simulator

    Frontier Pilot Simulator This is one of the games I've been looking forward to the most. A ship flying game, set in another planet, in which the gameplay emphasis in on the actual flying itself. It's still in early access but it's very playable already. You have detailed flight models...
  7. Old Duck

    Fastest Eagle In The 'Verse

    So do I win a prize? That is one eight two seven for those who cannot see. I can go faster, just you wait! ps - despite the title, this actually has little to do with ships (please don't move to that subforum). I believe I could do the same in my Type-7 if I wanted!
  8. F

    in game ship planner

    going off what does and what ed engineer does, i though what if we had a little of both in game so you'd go to the shipyard and select a ship then you'd select a button something like plan ship customization or something and it would go to an special outfitting screen, where you'd...
  9. CMDR Novindus

    Mining Ships

    With the considerable work put into mining mechanics, and the resurgent popularity of prospecting in the game, I thought it time to revisit the old suggestion of having ships designed for mining, just as we do for exploration, trading, combat, and multi-roles. I'd like to see at least one...
  10. D

    New Explorable Content

    Before I begin I know this is a far fetched idea as of now, but keep your minds open to the concept and imagine what it would actually feel like in game. As you all may know, Elite: Dangerous Horizons was one of the major factors of Elite Dangerous's success besides the fact it was one of the...

    Type 7 needs a Medium hardpoint!

    With the new "gold rush" of mining, both the super-valuable void opals and just general core mining being great, it's now a very viable gameplay style for both new and old players. But with some of my newer friends to the game starting out, i've noticed there's two awkward holes in progression...
  12. TodaKuroitora

    Non-Engineered Builds - Exploration, Mining, Fighting

    Ok, so I understand that Engineering and Guardian based/influenced builds are part of the game. But why is it SO hard to find combinations with decent jump ranges, weapons, mining, and repair/limpet loadouts which are NOT engineered or guardian influenced? Some of us either do not want or, for...
  13. Roamin-Chariot

    AI ships unbeatable for Noob players and some other suggestions

    Hello All. My complaint is: Every Time I get interdicted, which is quite often, I get destroyed because the AI ship gets behind me and just blasts me out of the sky before I can do Anything at all... and it doesn't matter what my ship loadout is... Cannot even get a target lock. This is...
  14. O

    Capital Ships MUST Be able to be DESTROYED

    Capital Ships must actually be capable of being Destroyed/Blown Up. We as Players, are no longer mislead to believe that you can kill a Power-Play Boss. We get it, you don't want to have to actually change Characters upon the movement of the Galaxy by the players of Elite Dangerous. Even though...
  15. KombattWombatt

    Beluga Bound for Distant World's 2

    Hello CMDRS, I am prepping for the distant worlds 2 journey. I have never been out in the black for longer than a few days at most, and have been agonizing over what to bring on such a journey knowing I can't change my mind. So, I went back and forth arguing with myself between my old aspx and...
  16. T

    Ships Alliance Cheftian Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with the final of the Alliance ships. Whats weird is this was the first yet it was the last one I went over. Hopefully you all found this video enjoyable and useful. Please tell me down below in the youtube comments what you think of my build and what you do with yours...
  17. Lukiepookie

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Share your Medium Sized Combat Ship

    Hello all, I am in need of recommendations for a medium sized combat ship. Money isn't an issue, please share away. Yes I already know about the vulture, I'm just hoping to get a lot of variety in this thread for ideas of my own. Thanks and 07 commanders.
  18. Orbitalai

    Petition to get ship kits for Beluga Liner

    As the title says, this ship lacks both ship kits and has very few liveries. Reply to this thread to 'sign' the petition.

    Ship kits are OK, but need purpose and character!

    Ship kits are really cool, and it's great that they are a thing in the game. However, the vast majority of the parts are focused on just adding pieces to the hull, like extra wings or aerodynamic parts. This means that while they look COOL, almost none of them add any /character/ to the...
  20. Arthur Z.

    Allow more Ship Launched Fighters when not in a wing

    Hi there! So, the idea actually comes from Fortnite single player campaign. Basically in the game, you have an ability to place up to 3x NPCs and give them guns and ammo to help you defend if you are playing solo. The game is up to 4 player coop and with each human player in the team, the...
  21. IcemanAJL

    Suggestion: Revamping the ship transfer system

    So quite a lot of people hate the ship transfer system, some because it can get ludicrously expensive, and others because it’s a waste of time that could be spent having fun. As a compromise to fixing the current ship transfer system, lets have the default ship transfer be free (or of a petty...
  22. C

    SLF Pilots survival should create new Mission Board Recovery

    Problem: CMDRs who spend a lot of time training a SLF pilot suffer a terrible loss when their ship is destroyed. This is incredibly frustrating and is considered a great loss to CMDRs who spend a tremendous amount of time training and developing their SLF pilots all the way up to ELITE...
  23. S

    Ship Concept - Carrier

    I've loved the idea of being a large ship, with tools to support my wing with strike craft, and utilities, as well as support the strike craft. (I'm working on a healer/disabler support platformer with my Cutter now in fact.) Battlestar Galactica Online had player carriers, which was one of my...
  24. Daish

    Dark side of planets

    With the coming of the dark side of planets can we have something very simple. More powerful lights on ships All ships... fog lights effectively. though we would have night vision I cant see it being made available in external view so having very strong powerful ship lights could add to the...
  25. Chernabog

    Internal compartment splitter and utility modules suggestion

    Hi All, Various versions and visions of this concept have been mentioned before on this forum, but I just thought I would raise this up again as we are nearing the Q4 update, in the hope that perhaps it (or something very similar) might be brought to the game as part of the QOL improvements...
  26. P

    Just bought a chieftain

    Ok, so I just bought a chieftain. I only had 22 mil, not counting my aspX cuz I don’t want to sell it. So I’m looking for some good builds for my new chieftain. I’m not great at outfiting for combat at all. I just threw a bunch of burst lasers on it and a Hull reinforcement package. So if anyone...
  27. Cmdr John Lyn

    Ships New Ship I designed, I want to see if it can be incorporated into the game

    So what do you think of my ship design? Would you like to add a version of it into the game?
  28. Yamiks

    [Video] Guardian ship launched fighter review

    Ship "review" HERE! So what do you guys think of these things?
  29. Daish

    SRV remote pickup part 2

    Though mentioned in earlier now locked or archived posts, the need for better SRVs mechanics: All SRVS and ships should have a remote pick up system for rocky non landable areas or for quick pick ups from hostile environments. Ships landing should be adjusted to be able to land in flatter...
  30. Yamiks

    [Video] Crusader "review"

    Alliance Crusader "REVIEW" (link here) ...soo what do you guys think of the ship?
  31. R

    Sidewinder / support ship in Fighter Bay

    The in-game description of the fighter bay reads: "can take up to sidewinder size". It's a great disappointment, then, that I can't place my sidey in the fighter bay. This would make for some seriously enhanced game-play for several reasons: 1. you could use your sidey / suppport ship to dock...
  32. Zaphire D'fox

    Small Ship Paint Jobs?

    Can we get a little more love for the smaller ships in game? I haven't seen any new paint jobs for my poor dbx (diamond back explorer) in forever. :(
  33. O

    [NEW MISSION] Take control of abandonned ships GUI (in order to scavenge them)

    /// Wreck missions (Not sure it sounds correct in english, I'm not an native english speaker.) A “wreck mission” mainly consists into remotely or physically take control of a ship's GUI which is drifting in space in order to : activate ship's parts you want your limpets to scavenge, jettison...
  34. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  35. JohannStrauss

    Ships Can we PLEASE have the Panther Clipper? PLEAAAASE? Yes?

    Dear Frontier, I am playing this game since 1985 for the trading. Yet in 2018 the maximum I can load are a bout 728 units in my tiny Imperial Cutter. Can we PLEASE get a huge BRICK IN SPACE like the Panther Clipper? If you don't like to give us that, how about another ugly, low speed, badly...
  36. M

    AI Bounty hunters. - Aren Geesus?

    I'm not sure this observation is in the right place, but here goes! I accept a lot of contracts that end up with bounty hunters/assassins being sent to eliminate me! I don't very often oblige them with combat, being very often outgunned, so I outfly them in the "mini-game". This has the...
  37. O

    Capital Ship Controversy...CAPITAL SHIPS DON'T DIE? (PATHETIC)

    What the Heck is going on! Am I being Cheated or Mislead? We gathered more than 10 Ships and attacked Zamina Torval's Capital Ship the Xanadu over 6 times, and took it down to "0" Hull each time, but its wouldn't die. Look, if a Capital Ship can't die, then it shouldn't be an active...
  38. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  39. Yamiks

    [Video] Challenger "review"

    With help of Exigeous I present : Challenger "review"! VIDEO LINK HERE
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