1. A

    General Suggestions for developers to make it easier to work on ships

    Good afternoon. Decided to make some suggesions for current (mostly) and new ships that both developers and players might like, but that doesn't consist of a simple "add interior". So what do I mean? Despite the fact that players are asking to add an interior in spite of everything, I see that...
  2. CiaphasCain

    Ships What's in a name?

    I need a name for this Python. I went with Red Robin, but I'm not really feeling it. Something quirky, not too serious, but descriptive. I'm using it as an armed transport.
  3. M

    Confusion about ships

    I have just started Elite Odyssey. I have done the training started the online mode. I am in a station where you have to complete missions buy getting taxis!? Do you not have your own ship? I thought everyone started with a sidewinder?
  4. JeanClenche

    Ships Need help to build my anaconda

    I actually need help to build my anaconda, it is currently multipurpose with storage and a planetary landing pad in case but I like to use it on bounty hunt and sometimes on CZ. I play it on full shield but if you have any idea of how I can upgrade my defense it would be cool. I also think I...
  5. CMDR Don Samen

    A new ship launched vessel class - shuttle

    With Odyssey I have seen a need for an new ship launched vessel class, the shuttle with landing and docking capabilities. The shuttle could have maybe one weapon, and more analyzing capabilities. Using that with the artemis suit to go down to surface to search for and analyze biological...
  6. Koyaanisqatsi

    Inter Astra does not work. Frontier's gave me "legs", but tore off my wings (ships).

    Good day CMDR`s! I immediately apologize for my English and, I hope, this will not prevent you from understanding what I will write below. My problems in the game started two weeks ago (it's been three patches on Thursdays). Since the Odyssey alpha test, there have never been such global...
  7. Faelendh

    Big Ships in which one could board a hunter type eagle or imperial mail

    These ships would have a long jump capacity. It could be returned from our ship or our SRV, as our ship may already be since the SRV. This ship would be there for the RP is could be a small base for the player. It would differ from the Freighters because we could only board one (or two maximum...
  8. Faelendh

    More Immersive Way to Enter Our Ship

    Actually, we must enter in a blue circle to enter in our ship. May i suggest to let us climb the ship staircase to the door : The entrance to the ship would simply be made by clicking on the door. If possible an animation of the door would be done. To go a little further, an animation could be...
  9. T

    Star Harvesting Vessel

    The purpose of this ship would be to harvest fuel from stars in large amounts. The ship would have a ‘hidden’ fuel tank which it could not directly draw on for flight. This tank would compress the scooped hydrogen so that this ship could actually carry enough in one load to be worth it (At the...
  10. T

    Guardian Starship Hulls

    These would be full ships as opposed to ship launched fighters. These ships would be for the serious Guardian Grinder/Thargoid Fighter commanders out there. Like all guardian stuff, they would work against humans and thargoids. My idea is for two options. The Guardian Strike Fighter and the...
  11. S

    Wich ship is best for exploring?

    Anaconda, Asp Explorer, Diamondback Explorer, Python. Wich one is better for exploring? ( I have seen this types of tread, but they were form 2018-2017, too old)
  12. Cosmo

    Immersive Ship Transition vs. Teleportation

    Am very positive about the Starport Tour video. Overall its good. Hope the ship transition is not final. On the ED subreddit, Preem explained: preem_choom: "Good transition: the elevator from the main hub to the hanger bad transition: walking into a blue circle to get into your ship Hope...
  13. Shinkick Murphy

    Ship Name Censoring Games

    o7 Cmdrs! A little while ago, I built a neat little addition to my AX fleet, a Mamba, and notably for myself it was an exciting first as it is my first and only ship build without shields. I love it. I took it out for a few spins against the Thargoids and I decided to give her the to my mind...
  14. H

    Small ships should have more uses past the early game. An unlockable enhanced performance FSD size 4 would be help with that.

    I have played Elite for a bit over 400 hours total and I really love the game. However, one of the things that annoys me is how the large ships do almost everything better than the smaller ships. There are 14 small ships and only 9 large ships, yet I'm finding myself spending the vast majority...
  15. SkyMech

    My ship disappeared

    I’m out at Farseer inc in my SRV. My ship just disappears, out of sight and radar. Lookup and found out I can dock at the station. Probably is, station keeps denying me access. I’m not wanted, just joined Federation for some extra credits for awhile. Some help is needed.
  16. B

    [SUGGESTION] Remote ship transfer should be a thing.

    CMDRS should be able to transfer a ship to a station without having to be in the said station, maybe it could come at a small added cost idk just add it
  17. Baklavah

    Next generation of ships

    I know we're pretty much at the "end of the list", minus a couple of ships that never made it into ED, but I had a few ideas come to mind and I'm wondering if anyone else would care to see some neat things like these come into existence. Specifically for this thread, Player Owned "Cruisers"...
  18. F

    Several Suggestions

    So, we all know, and appreciate, how busy the developers have been in the past year working on making carriers a reality for us, and now working on the next big thing, but how about you show some love to those who like the original content of the game? here are a few suggestions: Passenger...
  19. Random Player

    Ship Integrity Question

    Hello I have a question on Ship Integrity that I can't really find a definitive answer to. I went on a trip to finish off "Elite" in Exploration, and when I got back from what must have been a journey of 20k LYs, I found my DBX at 58% Integrity. I took two auto field maintenance units with me...
  20. S

    Put space station and ship interiors in Odyssey and let us walk around them please?

    nuff said
  21. Random Player

    Ships Advice on Combat Ship Build for PVP

    Hello I am currently working on Engineering a Krait MKII and was looking for advice on making the best build for PVP Combat. Right now, my ship is unstoppable against any NPCs I have run into, not even a fight a really, but I would like to get my ship in the best condition for PVP. Here's a...
  22. G

    [BUG] HELP ME! My ship suddenly exploded! Although I have credit, I can't get my ship back!

    My ship exploded suddenly while mining. Although I have enough credit, the button is closed. I sent a ticket and have been waiting for 8 Days. The answer came today. Please help me. I want atonement even if he doesn't give my ship. My hours and days have been wasted. Maybe another official will...
  23. beef1213

    LEGO Cobra MK 3 microscale with instructions

    been awhile since i posted here the instructions is a zip file with two PDFs. the original skin instructions are fully polished, the alt skin instructions glitched slightly so you may have to use the original instructions as a guide. the parts list will be uploaded when rebrickable approves it...
  24. C

    A new Federal ship is it possible ?

    Hello to all commanders, My name is Nathan Bertero I am a French player, and I am a fervent player of your title: "ELITE DANGEROUS". I have an idea for a new Federation ship. Of course, given that a massive update is expected, I don’t expect, if this project succeeds, that this ship will be...
  25. Cheese Helmet

    FC are making people miss the big question

    Where the heck is the type-8???????????
  26. T

    Ships My personal CZ Grind Defender Type-10 Win the battle, win the war. The Mean Beam Machine "Colossus"

    Hello all. I want to state that I understand that other ships can do it better. This is not about the best ship does x. This is for those who love the Defender, and wants a fun build. Shield: 8C Biweaves (Reinforced) I love how they charge quickly, which is usually what you want in a CZ because...
  27. Amanojaku

    Another reason Legs might not be as great as you think

    Source: I started watching these vids just a few days ago, and although I wasn't too surprised by all the graphical shortcuts and low resolution textures hidden in spots you couldn't really see in game, it quickly occurred to me that if we do indeed...
  28. Old Duck

    Ship Shape - Round or Square?

    I have another fiction verses reality question for the experts. Rockets are round and aerodynamic, and I understand why, but would a ship designed and constructed IN space be better served by a square / rectangular hull? Two things come to mind when I think of this. First, constructing anything...
  29. PookaInSpaaace

    Ship pirates

    Sure, there are pirates in the galaxy. Some people are too lazy to work and so try to steal things to make money. Most of these pirates must be incredibly stupid though. They settle for a handful of millions of cargo which they take from vessels that can cost hundreds of millions. If given the...
  30. Daniel Klimchuk

    Escape Pod Ejection

    Greetings Commanders! Currently, if your ship is destroyed, you get ejected in an escape pod into outer space - but instantly get respawned at a station or detention centre. I think that it would be more realistic and immersive if you got ejected and had to stay in your pod until someone...
  31. T

    Need some PvE ship advice for Colonia

    I need some PvE ship advice. I am currently 6500 ly from Colonia and I'll be planning on staying there for a few months, maybe permanently. I'm travelling in my ASPX and plan on transferring my mining ASPX over when I arrive. I have an unengineered Anaconda back in the bubble but don't want to...
  32. Badman76

    Ships Whats your explorer builds?

    I'm currently enjoying exploring with my DBX explorer, its never overheated on me, and I've sussed how to scoop stars without getting too close. I've never needed to use my afmu. I'm starting to dive into engineering to make it jump even further. Current jump range is now 71.43ly Anyway, whats...
  33. Meneer_vandaal

    Discussion Consistency (and ease) of interface

    Do you recall that "Nuke/Nurse" button in the Spitting Image clip of Genesis' "Land of confusion"? Why is in your ship moving your joystick or pushing a button almost completely unlike in your SRV or in free camera? Does any of the developers own a motorcycle that turns left when you move the...
  34. G

    Ships Combat ship

    hi! im not sure what ship im going to buy, i got 90 mill and a type-9 ship right now. i want a ship to go into res and cz and combat mission
  35. Drebin Omega

    (I was told you guys might appreciate this here...) my Hull Seals Ship Livery Concept

    Midnight black with white accents, Hull Seal decals and Halpy the seal motif! (Thanks to Qohen Leth for his amazing ship pack)
  36. C

    Jerry Rigging Thargoid Technology In Human Ship

    Hello Commanders. We must advance our ship technology, thargoids are planning something. I propose we take blown up pieces from thargoid ships, slowly construct a wormhole tear device similar to what thargoids use, reinforce ship hull with thargoid petal materials with anti-corrosion layer for...
  37. Tariousx

    QOL Suggestions for Ship Purchases ETC

    I just have some ideas that would smooth some things with Ship purchases and Module Purchases. Note These suggestions also preserve the reward and effort in unlocking Elite Status -Ship and Module Catalog- If you are at a station where a ship is not available, you have the option to order one...
  38. askavir

    Frontier Pilot Simulator

    Frontier Pilot Simulator This is one of the games I've been looking forward to the most. A ship flying game, set in another planet, in which the gameplay emphasis in on the actual flying itself. It's still in early access but it's very playable already. You have detailed flight models...
  39. Daniel Klimchuk

    Why is the Cobra MkIV the best ship in Elite Dangerous?

  40. Old Duck

    Fastest Eagle In The 'Verse

    So do I win a prize? That is one eight two seven for those who cannot see. I can go faster, just you wait! ps - despite the title, this actually has little to do with ships (please don't move to that subforum). I believe I could do the same in my Type-7 if I wanted!
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