1. X2611

    Make Shipyard default to Stored Ships (duh)

    !!!! Surprise !!!! 99% of the time I click on it, I'm not there to purchase a new ship!
  2. MAD-7

    Heart and Soul

    Are there any plans for outfitting at the Heart and Soul nebula bases? shipyard at one? even if they don't sell many modules, it would be awesome to be able to store things.
  3. D

    Quality of life improvement to shipyards

    Here's the issue: all newly bought ships start with E grade equipment. This was a design mistake to me. It immediately communicates to players that they bought a ship with cheap, cutrate hand-me-down garbage gear and want it all replaced ASAP. Do you go looking for cars with horrendous...
  4. Werewolf13

    Ships Why Would Anyone want One...

    For the longest time I've kind'a wanted a T-10 - like since they were first announced. And since I had a spare 1/2 billion just laying around growing moldy I figured what the heck - let's go see what we can put together. So I made a trip to the ED Shipyard and built this Multi-Role T-10 just...
  5. BarberousMeow

    Shipment of Ships from stations

    Currently you ship ships from A to B. You have to be in B and you choose to ship your shipfrom A to B. I want to be in A and ship it to B. Or be in C and ship it from A to B.... for example im in colonia and ship my ship from sol to lave if i wanted to, or im in SOL and i ship my ship from sol...
  6. DWinston33

    Newcomer / Intro Where's a good place to buy ships?

    I'm looking for a viper at the moment but am having a lot of trouble locating one to buy. Any suggestions as to a location where one can buy ships that has a good inventory?
  7. bisador


    Please can we get some systems designated as shipyards, ie where the various ship manufacturers call home. You could go there for "special maintenance" and see prototype ships, museums, test drive ships, ship manuals and brochures.
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