1. Old Duck

    How Effective is Silent Running in 3.3?

    As an ex-submariner, "silent running" has great appeal to me. I've been playing around with different builds and configurations and flight practices to maximize my time in SR, but I'm starting to wonder if it's still viable in the latest update. It used to be that when I switched to SR when...
  2. Dryheat4u

    Proposed Improvements to the Silent Running Mechanic

    Proposal for stealth mechanic improvements The current model for silent running leaves little incentive or opportunity for use outside of specific activities in specific situations like smuggling or PVP. Some of this may have to do with game balancing and some may have to do with very limited...
  3. B

    a new manufacturer of ships that focuses on silent running

    They could be named after Owls, the hunters of the night. Obviously, the ships would be focused on silent running, making them shieldless hull tanks that are cold. There could be a small, a medium and a large version. Discuss!
  4. T

    Newcomer / Intro Silent Running Cool Temperature Scan

    I know silent running closes your vents and gives you a low heat signature profile to keep stations form scanning you. What is the ship temperature % where they can begin scanning you again? I ask because I have some smuggling I want to do and I am flying in an Anaconda. I have heat sinks...
  5. DMC831

    Reconnaissance missions.

    Back in TIE Fighter and other space-y games, I always enjoyed the reconnaissance missions where you gotta sneak somewhere, scan something, and then get out. In systems experiencing war or even just rival factions trying to size up their competition, I think it'd be fun to have a mission where...
  6. C

    Ships Silent Running questions.

    Hi guys im still pretty new to ED and i noticed a bunch of older videos on youtube of people running shieldless silent running stealth builds and im pretty interested in it. Which ships work for this kind of build and is it still a legit type of build? i know that the DBS and DBE are cold...
  7. G

    PvP balance big vs small ships

    Dear FD, I would like to strongly suggest that you remove experimental engineer effects that clearly favor small vs.big ships, like reverberating cascade, feedback cascade etc., or, at least, introduce experimental engineer effects that favor big vs. small ships like area of effect, AoE, damage...
  8. G

    High class sensor buff

    Dear FD, I would like to strongly suggest that high class sensors be immune to chaff and silent running so that big ships are finally viable in PvP again. E.g. 8A sensors should be completely immune and lower class sensors less, accordingly. Right now, there is practically no difference...
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