1. D

    This post will SAVE JWE and INSTANTLY satisfy player needs!

    Forget the Aquatic and Aviary DLC ideas and all the things we know Frontier can't easily implement. Some of the ideas I have been saying since last year are now so close that Frontier only needs to implement them. Everyone wants customization, right? We know the summer DLC is going to provide...
  2. S

    Skin revamp/new

    What if in addition to or making new skins, old skins are given another look at? And I'm not requesting or suggesting a complete overhaul of one or all skins. But taking a few and enhancing them in little ways. Like adding banding on a tail in a brighter contrasting color or patches over the...
  3. K

    Ship kits - why only two per ship and no cockpit kits?

    Hi, I would be more than happy to customise my ships with more cosmetic models and textures. Other multiplayer games let you choose from hundreds of options and are earning millions on them, but Elite microtransactions are more than disappointing. I would love to see more ship kits, there...
  4. xelono

    JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC

    Your Feature Request / Idea Ford Explorer Tour, Visitor Center, Fences, Gates, Hatchery. Laboratory from Site-B, Visitor Center from Site-B, Aviary.
  5. D

    Frontier Store Cockpit Customization

    Hello, I just wanted to suggest to add more Cockpit Customizations to the game. For example plastic dinosaurs like in Firefly (NO BOBBLEHEADS!), cups, cans etc. to look more liveable. I also appreciate all the raider kits but especially on/in a Cutter it doesn't really fit, so kits for Cockpits...
  6. B

    RESCUE SHIPS! Cosmetic rewards for CG rescue participation.

    I contacted Elite's developers offering to fund a team of coders and graphic designers (or even foot the bill for their in house team) to make the community some rescue ship decals and paint jobs so they can have shiny ballistic orange rescue ships like we see at sea (and also in CG's by NPC's)...
  7. G

    Special Effect Skins.

    I realise that this involves a bit of effort on the artwork team, but what would be the chances of Special Effect skins for all of the ships / SRV / Fighters, which could be purchased from the store, at a slightly higher price than normal, with a portion being donated to the charity ?
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