1. E

    DLC: Small pack

    Planet Zoo small animals. Like meerkats, otters, koalas, ferrets and animals that size, maybe some birds can fit in also. Maybe it also can have building materials for like playgrounds for kids and shops for kids like face painting, t-shirts and stuffed animals. It can also include small...
  2. M

    Fed rep grinding with friends, new bros welcome

    Hello CMDRs, im a fairly active player and usualy fly with one other person. im looking for people interested in filling spots in a wing. we can help any new person get ships and rank FAST, want a anaconda?? or even a Federal corvette? or do you prefer the fighter style ships. what ever u want...
  3. Kenneth McGrew

    Frontier - Bookmarks... why can i have more ships than bookmarks?

    pretty much as the title suggests i can have more ships in the game than bookmarks, but why? :S is it a design limitation? i really would like to have categories and just more bookmarks ;)
  4. Lukiepookie

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Share your Medium Sized Combat Ship

    Hello all, I am in need of recommendations for a medium sized combat ship. Money isn't an issue, please share away. Yes I already know about the vulture, I'm just hoping to get a lot of variety in this thread for ideas of my own. Thanks and 07 commanders.
  5. TheMightyMegalosaurus


    With the Troodon's introduction, we have the minimum usable size for dinosaurs, which opens up a lot of options for more small dinosaurs, especially small herbivores (the only representation at the moment being the three boneheads) since there are a bunch around Troodon's size and between...
  6. JJBlue

    What and where are the small attractions?

    Hi, I'm new to the game, please be gentle :D I have a few questions Is it true there is only one small attraction? (claw thingy) Is there anywhere I can see how many attractions of certain type my park has? Like how many gentle rides, how many thrill rides etc Is there a way to disable the...
  7. Zaphire D'fox

    Small Ship Paint Jobs?

    Can we get a little more love for the smaller ships in game? I haven't seen any new paint jobs for my poor dbx (diamond back explorer) in forever. :(
  8. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  9. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  10. Kamiyoda

    Sooo..... About R Coronae Australis

    Ran into this star system again and remembered to ask, is it supposed to be this small? Its a B Class star that is incredibly tiny, but it has the Exclusion Zone of a normal B Class star.
  11. E

    Small Arms in Elite Dangerous universe

    So... It just occurred to me that we don't know how a handgun, a rifle or any other small arm looks like in Elite Dangerous... Anyone with any ideas? or is there any lore surrounding the personal weaponry of troops/pilots/civilians in the lore of Elite?

    Best Small Weapons for the Chieftain ?

    I've been trying different builds. I've tried railguns, burst lasers, multicannons, and I'm just not sure. Having a hard, maybe someone has a good build with those. I Currently have 2 Large PA, 1 medium PA, and 3 small Railguns.
  13. imaner76

    Finally found the smallest moon in ED!

    SRV mining was a little fruitless, but short drives and great views make this a must find.
  14. E

    Cloaking and viable stealth

    tldr: I want cloaking mechanisms In the current game stealth does not seem to be a large aspect. Im a PvE player and the only time I've ever "stealthed" as such is going silent running to smuggle for a few missions. In the world of scanners and high tension of war with both thargoids and...
  15. Bobio

    The Hermes - "Let's put a speeder bike in space"

    Foreword I've been playing Elite Dangerous since the PS4 launch, and as my first post on the Frontier forums, I wanted to show some love by floating a suggestion for a new ship. I originally posted the idea on Reddit a couple of days ago, but it got buried in the usual hilarity, mad skills and...
  16. G

    PvP balance big vs small ships

    I suggest again that small/medium ships should be nerfed. Experimental effects like feedback cascade or reverberating cascade should be removed or, at least, experimental effects like an area of effect damage for e.g. multicannons should be instituted. Also, high class sensors like 8A should...
  17. G

    PvP balance big vs small ships

    Dear FD, I would like to strongly suggest that you remove experimental engineer effects that clearly favor small vs.big ships, like reverberating cascade, feedback cascade etc., or, at least, introduce experimental engineer effects that favor big vs. small ships like area of effect, AoE, damage...
  18. NW3

    What is your favorite small or medium ship?

    What is your favorite small or medium ship and why do you prefer it? Bonus points: If you prefer flying smaller ships in general, why? Many players (especially new players) seem to think that they need one of the "big 3" ships to have any fun in this game. Personally, I find the big ships to...
  19. Junglebiscuit

    Community Event / Creation Dynamic Forum Signature Generator

    Hello all, I have spent a few hours constructing a dynamic elite dangerous forum signature generator for all to use free of charge. Basically all you do is go to the page, type your commander name, select a background, select an occupation (can leave this blank if you like) then click submit...
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