1. [VR] Goooost

    Change 'solo' into 'open without pvp damage'.

    I think that people are mainly in solo to protect their investments, not to get away from people. By changing the options to just Open and Hardcore, it would probably help the community aspect of the game, player groups, and squadrons, but it also might help the servers, right? Instead of...
  2. Old Duck

    Blocking in Elite Dangerous

    UPDATE - Thanks to much discussion and the very simple but elegant solution posed by one CMDR, I've changed my approach to the blocking system. I've decided to use it as a reverse iron man, in that once you have murdered me, I'm dead to you. You'll never see me again, because to you, I'm dead...
  3. Old Duck

    Do "purple-haired heroes" scare everyone into Solo?

    This is my first CG on PC, woo! I've been "ship watching" at one of the CG stations, and the flow of CMDR trading traffic has been steady. Finally I decided to grab a few tons of grain in my Dolphin to do my part, and on my return to the system I was chased by two very persistent griefers. To my...
  4. C

    Finally got my Basilisk!

    Just hope his rebuy screen is as expensive as mine! Sorry for some misspelling in the video. I realized them as I was adding closed captions and portuguese translation subtitles. Source:
  5. C

    Thargoid Cyclops solo in 4:34 min

    So I finally decided to try my hand at Thargoid combat. I've built the biggest tank I could, watched every tutorial video and went for it. After a while I realized I was killing Cyclops quickier than most videos. I was pretty proud of myself, so I tried to find which is the speedrun record for...
  6. Swizzy o7o7

    Modes Block CMDR's with 'SYSTEM' chat.

    If you're a ganker, make sure to block lawful CMDR's using the system chat. That way they won't be able to instance with you, and won't be able to even try oppose you in Open mode. You can keep on ganking with no 'threat', it's incredible! Fly safe-space, CMDR's, Z0.
  7. J

    Play Modes, Solo/PG/OP

    I know this has been said a thousand times before and I know I'm going to attract controversy for saying it but if I don't say it, how will Frontier know it's something I and likely many other people invested in the background sim would like. Gathering feedback in my gaming community for why...
  8. Leadfoot

    Powerplay PowerPlay in Open Or Solo

    Very, very sorry if I missed an announcement thread somewhere but I know that there were several rather lengthily (and often heated) discussions concerning the question of Power Play being Open only or not. I had assumed the discussion back and forth on this issue was expected to be decided upon...
  9. D

    Modes Idea for game mode resources being non transferable

    The idea is: what happens in a mode stays in a mode. Wanna play single player fine. Wanna play open fine. Wanna play both , fine. But your stuff in one does not exist in the other. This means pvpers can't hide in solo when in their taxi ship to CG, and then switch to open when they feel safe in...
  10. M

    My SECOND big journey - Going Home!

    It's been a VERY long time since I detailed my FIRST big journey, out to Colonia, (!) so I thought, whilst setting off again, I'd update you on my adventures! After arriving in Colonia, I set about creating some reputation...
  11. JohannStrauss

    Modes Make SOLO a stand-alone game!

    This thread will show you how amazing the solo game COULD be if it was separated from the notoriously out-balanced and not to say "every ship, every weapon, every gadget, every technology must be available to all and nobody should have a decisive advantage to anybody" - also known as a certain...
  12. W

    Solo Play interactions with other players

    Hi! I have three questions relating this topic: 1. In Solo Play, do other ships represent real players or they are AIs? 2. Am I destroyable in Solo Play Mode if I slow down in space somewhere in a star system and quit from the game application? How does other players see and interact with my...
  13. Sylveria

    NPC Wings and Crew - Single and Multiplayer Balance

    Elite Dangerous has always been marketed and advertised as both a Single and Multiplayer game. "...alone or with others..." Since release- we've seen the introduction of a great many features that offer choice for everyone- with the exception of features that have no effect on Single player...
  14. Sylveria

    Modes Mode Feature Exclusivity...AKA..."Render unto Caesar..."

    So..."Render unto Caesar..." Since Mode Feature Exclusivity is being justified by Sandro's statement of Player versus Player style in Open, the next best course of action would be then to remove all PvE activity from Open and make it available only to Private Groups and Solo as a result, as...
  15. P

    My perception of E:D evolution

    I was thinking during more than week, how to express my feelings about Elite: Dangerous. And suddenly understood, that just a pair of pictures will say all for me, better than any words. This is how i perceived Elite2, Elite3, and Elite: Dangerous during first 1-2 years after release, and why...
  16. B

    Fixing Community Goals - Recognize Logistical Support

    Community Goals have a problem. Namely, the often encourage NOT participating in Open or Groups, but instead, resorting to Solo play. And while its fine to play Solo if you choose to, NEEDING to play Solo, in order to fulfill "Community" a problem. To fix this, we first need to...
  17. Dread Quixadhal

    How about a new Powerplay mode?

    What if we had a Powerplay mode where you can only attack or be attacked by people who have pledged to a power other than your own? My biggest issue with moving Powerplay to Open is the gankers and griefers who don't care about Powerplay at all, but just want to go after the easy target of a...
  18. Audaxxx

    Why can't we just have a separate BGS/server for each mode?

    What is the barrier preventing Fdev from having separate servers for each mode? Is it just too much work? I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. It seems to me this would keep both sides happy but maybe i'm missing something.
  19. CaptainCaboose

    Modes Obligatory "Merge solo, open, private groups" thread

    Morning Cmdr's! I'm sure this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find it(didn't look because I'm at work) and wanted your thoughts. With Squadrons coming up, I thought it was time to revisit this idea. The long-short of it is that, if FD could enable PVP flagging, there wouldn't be a...
  20. M

    Dances with Thargoids (Flight Assist Off)

    Several months ago, in my first contact with Thargoids, they attacked my Diamondback Explorer after a misunderstanding of their (in hindsight) rather obvious threat display-- we assumed it was their way of showing off their newly-purchased red lighting effects. In any case, in the weeks...
  21. KingRider

    [Suggestion] Solo mode about mission (bad math)

    Please remove all squad from solo mode from mission list. Squad too bad math. I agree a reddit posted
  22. W

    Is the Thargoid story line only for groups and especialy gifted solo players?

    Hi, in October and November 2017 I outfitted an Anaconda with experimental weapons and lots of armor and had like 15 -20 tries on killing Thargoid cyclops interceptors. Tried a lot of different setups but never managed to kill the thing solo. Usually I got out alive with 10% hull, but once in...
  23. C

    Too many wing missions, not enough solo

    Frontier i love your game, have for years, i rarely ever complain about anything... But... Can we either move wing missions to their own tab like passenger missions or at the very least put a cap on how many wing missions spawn? Rng spawns mostly wing missions now. Some places rarely ever have...
  24. A

    Assassination missions, only for wings now?

    Umm... What's happened to the solo assassination missions?? Suddenly wings have come along and they've all gone. Every assassination mission is now a wing mission and impossible to do if you're solo. If you do find a solo bit of wet work, it now pays nothing... It used to pay multiple million...
  25. Yamiks

    Modes [video] BGS & Power play in SOLO & PRIVATE After reading them threads where people complain about BGS & that doing things for it in solo is cheating : it sparked an idea for this! Now to note once more : doing BGS or power play in solo or private IS NOT CHEATING and if you think it is : well you are wrong...
  26. Yamiks

    Modes [video] OPEN vs PRIVATE vs SOLO
  27. H

    open/solo play, autopilot, emergency call

    Hi all! I am quiet sure that these suggestions happened before in some way, I want to write down my own ideas. My first suggestion would be to have only open game mode. Atm the game is basicly a single player game with multiplayer possibilities. I understand the players who play alone or...
  28. Malactus

    Suggestion: Tying Mission Pay to global Completion rate

    We have this issue quite often. Commanders finds System X that generates some edge case of mission types that by happenstance give everyone doing them a whole bunch of money. They use it for a long while, and the word begins to spread and everyone jumps in. Few months later, it gets manually...
  29. A

    Can't use open play, have Xbox Live Gold membership

    I've been off of my xbox for a few months, and felt like hopping on Elite since it's been a while. I purchased Gold so that i could play in open, however I'm still getting the message 'your account does not have permission to use multiplayer features'. Any suggestions?
  30. D

    Modes Elite Dangerous PvE vs PvP and who needs a Solo play if you had PvE server

    I am a PvP player. I do not and never will apologize about it. Yes I would love to enjoy all other aspects of ED but the way I see the game, the only one thing that is fully developed are ship vs ship battles. That is the meat and bone of this game. Every other activity is only a filler for me...
  31. C

    Modes Contraversal but Crucial: Lets be OPEN

    I know this is going to be a contraversal topic. But I want to start a dialogue in the hope that others will ultimately give confidence to Frontier to do what needs to be done. Unless, of course, there are counter-points that validate the system as it is--but I think we need to deal with a...
  32. L

    [Suggestion] Carriers for solo players

    Quick suggestion, in 2018, can solo player also have their own carriers? They don't need to be as big as the ones squadron can have, but it would be nice to have our own place to store/repair/upgrade/refit our ships. Plus it would be very convinient for those who are exploring the unknown far...
  33. Buffalo974

    Proposal Discussion Casual and Hardcore gamers: cohabitation ?

    what's the best way in your opinion to mix Casual and Hardcore gamers , and to make it taste good for both side ?
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