1. A

    With Compsognathus confirmed for 1993 DLC, will Troodon get new sounds?

    Troodon uses many sounds that were originally made by compies in TLW and JP3, and now that we're actually getting compies I've been wondering if Troodon will get new sounds so it doesn't share the same ones with the compies???
  2. Shyrahja

    More audio options to turn off in-game noise (educational speakers, music etc.)

    Hiya, I am basically just bringing over here what I talked about in my review for the game. Sorry for the little "spam". I hope it gets more attention over here! I love the fact that you have to educate your visitors, while you might even get educated yourself through the big boards about...
  3. C

    Remove Control Panel Sound Effects

    Having been to parks across the US, UK, and Canada. I have never once heard any ringing or ratcheting coming from ANY control panel on ANY ride.
  4. bluecrash

    SIMVIBE from needs your data to add to their presets

    please release the motion or telemetry API for SIMVIBE - so those of us with transducers can properly feel our ships and adjust all the engine and vibration feelings in our cockpits. they said its a file you should have "motion or telemetry API" please!
  5. T

    Add sound device flexibility to improve pilot authenticity

    I come into Elite as a Flight Sim Enthusiast with some experience as a fixed wing pilot. Elite comes close to being a viable alternative to terrestrial aviation and thus far I have enjoyed using Elite in a similar manner to my use of flight simulation. One quite noticeable short fall is in the...
  6. B

    Media for PlanCo (Audio, Video, Pictures)

    Hello everyone i make this post to Share found Media for Planco Sounds Music and co. For Fairytale i have this Soundtrack found Audiomchine - Tree of Life
  7. Frillop Freyraum

    ADS: New Idea for the Honk Sound and a Challenge for our amazing Sound Crew

    Imagine the giant Honk sound wouldn't be static anymore, but a composition synthesized by all objects of the current system! What does that mean? Mass e.g. could translate to frequency (higher mass -> deeper sound), density would be represented by various overtone spectra, numbers of objects by...
  8. Night Parrot


    Is it just me or does anyone else hear a “Hello” in their left ear at the start of the boost sound? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Krait Mk2, but that little “Hello” every time I boost is really annoying… If I knew how to snip that little bit from the start of the boost sound I...
  9. M

    Space Sounds

    the ingame sound effects are nice, and it add to the game elements of submersion. But Space is void, and there is no sound in real life that can travel through it. so, it would be nice if we have the option to alter that for the sake of space simulation. suggestion: 1- add an option in audio...
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