1. C

    What would you do if given terrestrial planets and space legs features added at once?

    I failed to find a discussion on this topic, though there were many on either of those two. What would you do? Here's an idea: land on different planets to find scenic locations, buy a decent jacket (decent color scheme that is), hire a pro robot musician, and film that awesome piece of art...
  2. LanceLord

    FDev Could You Please Consider Implementing These Features for the 2020 Update?

    FDEV, If you're really going to commit to a space legs feature, then please consider adding an optional, functional version of the existing Holo Me Remlok space suit in the updated Livery menu. This way, those of us CMDRs who've been begging for EVA features, would have the option to upgrade...
  3. vinnieboJ

    Roomscale VR Walking Tours, a must see!

    So I recently started to follow this Person after one of his video's popped up on my recommended page. Basically he does quite in-depth roomscale 'Spacelegs' VR tours of the different ships, poking his head through doors and other things to give you a good look at the ship, both inside and...
  4. horizone

    Seamless sitting and standing

    Many of us VR players use some form of HOTAS and obviously sit down to play Elite but many first-person VR games uses standing in the centre of the VR playarea as the main way to play and in this standing scenario you usually walk forward with the stick and the world moves around you and you...
  5. vinnieboJ

    Fdev, you should watch this!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but; This is how spacelegs should look like: Watch Especially the whole boot up sequence. i'd love to see that in game!!! How the HUD turns on and all, and the welcome by your COVAS. Anybody else interested in how (some of) their ships might look on the...
  6. vinnieboJ

    Ships Fdev's, watch this!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but; This is how spacelegs should look like: Watch Especially the HUD boot up sequence. i'd love to see that in game!!! Anybody else interested in how (some of) their ships might look on the inside, check out the Youtube channel from above.
  7. C

    Squadrons is the perfect opportunity for space legs

    Dear devs, As squadrons feature has been delayed, i'd like to suggest to implement space legs with it. You guys always say you don't wanna make space legs unless you come up with content around it. So my idea is to allow players to walk arond the fleet carriers to control it. For example, go...
  8. Krash

    Practical applications of space legs?

    Critics of SL say you must have a reason for it and I agree. Its a lot of work for FDEV just to let us walk around and "oooh and ahhh" for 5 mins then back to standard operating procedures, our butts safely ensconced in our swivel chairs. What are the practical reasons for getting out of the...
  9. Ragnascot

    Space legs - Optimising Module Performance

    Content suggestion surrounding space legs activity while on board your ship. Allow for modules to be “optimised” through a series of mini-games which increase in difficulty as you progress through levels 1-3. For example, FSD module can be optimised to allow for +5/+10/+15 optimal mass when...
  10. E

    Dear Frontier Development, can e get space legs already or start to work on it?

    why dont we have space legs yet, can the developers give a reasonable explanation very elaborated if possible. i dont believe the whole "new game of itself" argument at all. do they event want to implement it in the first place? or is just something that they are using to keeping the community...
  11. SadSky


    I’m very happy about the 3.2 update. I was not expecting that much, since it was supposed to be a small one. I appreciate all the new stuff. I feel that there is something for everyone. New fighter ship with hybrid guardian technology, new weapon class (I always wanted to have more torpedo and...
  12. Daish

    How space legs could look.

    Credit to the you tuber sideeffectdk for posting and or creating.
  13. C

    Cockpit/bridge lightning tweaks

    As much as i love the details in the game, it still bothers me how certain cockpits like the anaconda have massive lights in them, they look like they emit a lot of light, yet they are only iluminating a very, very small portion of the bridge(actually only the area around the light itself...) it...
  14. Confidenze

    Release Inside of Frontier Ships

    Dear Frontier. I have some spare time on my hands, and would like to make a simulation of what the spaceships from your game would look like inside. Since I don't have access to design in the Cobra engine, I consider doing a design in the Unreal4 engine. :cool: Would you mind terribly if someone...
  15. E


    i have come to realize that elite dangerous is like an empty sandwich. let me explain the game that we have Right now is the crust, lots of flavor and the crust is very well made and the Devs[chefs] right now keep working on the crust adding more butter, more water, more flower, and spices. but...
  16. R

    Proposal Discussion Careful Drivers/flyers Please

    Now I know i'll probably get slated for this, but here goes, WHY OH WHY do some players fly like idiots, there i am in my Lakon Type 3 Heavy trying to gently ease my way through to space station entrance (just bought it), when BAM some idiot slams into me and sends me spinning in all...
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