1. E

    DLC speculations

    Hi guys! Now we have an attic pack, an sout America pack and soon a Australia pack. What do you think we will get next if frontier continue whit this red thread? My guesses (wishes) is: Nordic pack - Moose, fox’s, beaver Oceana pack - otters, seals, penguins Africa pack - meerkats
  2. G

    Official Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous reveal!

    Just hours ago, a new trailer of the new Netflix TV show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, a TV-PG fully fledged CGI animated show of eight episodes, has just released! Days ago, rumors that sprouted from Twitter say the TV show was delayed for September due to voice actors not being able to...
  3. [VR] Goooost

    Will Odyessy be the reason to have more than one AI crew?

    Currently we can hire and train up to 3 AI crew, but there hasn't been a reason other than completionism to hire more than 1 so far. Could this update be the reason? Are we getting AI players in the FPS modes?
  4. G

    Confirmed live-action Jurassic World TV series

    In recent times this year, another kind TV series for the entire franchise has been confirmed to be in the making. On February 17, the website, Geeks WorldWide (GWW), confirmed early that a new live-action series is in the making, before it would be officially revealed through other websites...
  5. Y

    Speculation about the missing biomes

    So now we are 3 days away from release, and I thought some last minute speculation would be fun. We have many confirmed animals, but 3 biomes remain pretty empty despite existing in the game. Desert - only unique desert animal is the Gemsbok, which is not even a "real" desert animals (compared...
  6. [VR] Goooost

    Are new paintjobs a teaser?

    As many of you have seen frontier has released official "racing pack" paintjobs on the store: Right after releasing an update that has a feature that could be easily turned into a racetrack. Myself and others have seen the potential for putting more of the training course tracks throughout...
  7. DinoMaster9000

    Dino Pack Pick or Pass Polls!

    I’ve put together some Dino pack ideas based on speculation, and I’m interested in seeing which versions of the same pack could be more popular. I have not included a Triassic pack since there is only one real logical combination. Simply look through and reply to the number you’d take if you had...
  8. [VR] Goooost

    CQC Improvement Speculation

    The upcoming September content reveal has a banner featuring a CQC outpost. Any ideas what content frontier might be planning to reveal on this front? There have been features I've wanted in the effort to revitalize CQC for some time now. Those are: Allow purchase of unlocked CQC ships in...
  9. The Sandbox Social

    New Building Options

    Hey all! :D Just wanted to share with everyone a video where we discuss all the new possibilities to use the modular building in Planet Zoo! Hope you enjoy! Source: https://www.youtube.com/embed/GDbFoEsX4M4
  10. W

    Ships Still to come or not

    Boa Constrictor Falcon Gecko Griffin Gyr Harrier Harrisfighter Hawk Imperial Explorer Imperial Trader Kestral Lanner Lanner Mk2 Lifter Lion Mantis Merlin Osprey Osprey x Panther Clipper Puma Saker 3 Skeet Cruiser Shuttle Spar Tiger Tiercel Turner Class Moray Starboat Wyvern Explorer Expected...
  11. R

    Would anyone care to speculate when the C4 beta will be released?

    My guess is end of October, as FD love to drag things out. The earlier the better though imo...if FD are serious about addressing players concerns/observations in time for the final launch, particularly with regard to the new ADS mechanic. Thoughts please.
  12. N

    Total number of dinosaur genera (does the number of sites suggest more than we think?)

    Hello all. I'd like to pose a bit of a question. I've been looking over the number of digsites in the game. The total from the map we've seen comes out to 32. That's a lot of digsites. Now, barring a lot of overlap between a lot of digsite in North America primarily and North Africa to a lesser...
  13. Jack1253

    Tomorrow is the game-play reveal day!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to these forums and would like to speculate what we might see in the videos released tomorrow by YouTubers such as Draegast, BestInSlot, and TheGamingBeaver (and a few others). I am personally most interested in how we create the dinosaurs, like how skins are obtained...
  14. D

    Oresians or Klaxians?

    I misspelled my title and i'm sad. Oresrians Possible spoiler info below, read at own risk. Are the Thargoids currently encountered Os (Oresrians) or Ks (Klaxians)? How do we know? I'm asking because several posts talk about them being Os in reference to the story structure of Os making a...
  15. R

    Community Event / Creation PiAddict Magazine Launched - The ELITE Issue

    My little bit of fan created Elite material mixed with my love of the Raspberry Pi.... The first issue of PiAddict Magazine has launched! PiAddict is a new independent magazine for all users of the Raspberry Pi. This issue is 'The ELITE Issue' with a review of the Archimedes version of the...
  16. Abysinth

    Raspberry Ramblings

    I seem to have started a Raspberry Threadlet elsewhere, so I'm (trying) to move the comments here... One of the things I intend to try is to compare timings between ethernet -> HDD and ethernet -> SDCard to see if it slower to log jam the USB chip or writing to the SD Card
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