1. C

    Solid Mineral Spheres confirmed

    So last night i went a bit exploring and came across the Notable stellar phenomena. So i went to investigate and wanted to share my findings. I have now confirmed the existence of 1 of these, 1 Prasinum Metallic Crystal, and 1 Purpureum Metallic Crystal. I found them all in the same system, the...
  2. Lordxenu

    Roadmap leaked??

    Just watched obsidian ants video on the 4chan roadmap leak. It's easy to troll these posts but it seems a reasonable suggestion that 2020 is spacelegs and base building.not saying I believe it but interesting none the less. Edit: adding link to leak summary on reddit thanks golgot! Source...
  3. BlackSpaceCowboy

    Would you buy a single player narrative DLC for ED?

    Games like GTA V have a single player campaign in their open world sandbox. When you're done with the campaign it becomes a pure sandbox. They then sell a few DLC additional campaigns. Is this possible in ED? Would you buy a DLC single-player campaign that had a story and was only playable in...
  4. KickAir8p

    SPOILERS!!! - re the 1.8 Update

    Spoiler Sam strikes again in yesterday's livestream -- four new food/drink shops, probably for the 1.8 Update: Hayo Shushi Just Ribbin' L'Angelo del Gelato Le Vingt Six So a sushi shop, a barbecue place, gelato (had to look that up, it's Italian style ice cream), and . . . what's Le Vingt Six...
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