1. kingster1988

    [EMPIRE] Do you hate pirates? Would you like to do something about it?Then Join SOTERIA'S KNIGHTS.

    If you are looking for a squadron to join who are lax and fun to play with look no further. You want a squadron who despises player pirates again look no further! Here at SOTERIA's KNIGHTS we understand the hours it takes to mine all those materials and then what it is like to have someone try...
  2. Robbyen

    [INDEPENDENT] Join IPAL Today!

    The Independent Pilot Alliance is looking for members! If you are looking for a relaxed experience as a beginner IPAL is the right place for you. we a a small jet dedicated group of commanders aiming to support each other. The Independent Pilot Alliance engages in several activity's such as...
  3. M

    General No Aegis Defense home base?

    My Squadron, the Aegis Defence Corp, was wanting to start a faction with Aegis Defence but found that they only have ships and no starport. This is a bit odd considering that you'd think that they would have a starport and facilities to maintain and refit these ships of theirs. Would it be...
  4. CMDR Urania Minora

    [INDEPENDENT] Peaceful Explorers and Scientists - The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is recruiting

    Greetings CMDR's! The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is seeking like-minded CMDR's interested in PEACEFUL scientific and exploration efforts throughout the galaxy. We are a PC only squadron which collects, stores, and studies astronomical data. The Intergalactic Astronomical Union...
  5. C

    hi we are a mercenary sqaudron lookinf for members

    Hello, I’m Cigey! I want to introduce you to a mercenary faction focused on providing relevant services in exchange for credits, commodities, and favors. We need an intel division as well as a pvp strike team leader. If interested join: https://discord.gg/drTWsNg
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