1. Old Duck

    Most Honorable And Beloved Frontier, Hear Me!

    Please fix filters on squadrons so it remembers our last settings. I belong to a large squadron with over 100 players, and what I care about is who is online. Yet I have to manually set this filter every single time I open the squadron screen. This should not be! Is this a bug or just a missing...
  2. B

    No way to claim abandoned squadrons?

    Somebody created a squadron with the same name as our PMF. It's never had any activity and the founder is still the only member. We messaged the person(xbox) but they haven't shown online. We put in a support ticket explaining and they said there's nothing they can do, and that squadron...
  3. Commander Yumasai

    Faction-based mapmode

    I would like to propose the idea of a mapmode within the galactic map view, where one can insert the name of a minor faction and accordingly see the territory it controls / governs. A similar construct already exists for the galactic powers, where one can see their territory. But in terms of...
  4. Old Duck

    Allow single player "pledges" to a specific faction, please!

    Hello Frontier! I really like the faction tracking tools you provide squadrons. I even created my own squadron for the sole purpose of tracking a faction I was working for. However, this prevents me from being a member of an actual squadron, and it feels a bit overkill for accessing this one...
  5. MAD-7

    The Galactic Archive's SRV Race: Scully-Power's 500 Part 2

    System: Kuntae Planet: A1 Base: Scully-Power's Progress Individual Time Trials run from Now until the 22nd. Use this form for reporting: SP 500 Time Trial Form If you beat your own time feel free to erase the old time. Post start/finish screen shots showing time in #time-trial-screenshots On...
  6. Kailoren

    It's probably been requested already but we should be able to make our own decals

    I'm tired of not only seeing the same bland decals for my ships in the store but also having to pay for them in the first place. Why can't we have something in the way of the Forza vinyl group editor where CMDR's can make their own decals and save them for their ships? Obviously there would need...
  7. Commander Yumasai

    [30 SEPT - 07 OCT 3305] The Battle of No Cha

    Ladies and gentlemen of the cosmos, This week I have been involved in one of the most intensive battles I have ever participated in during my career thus far at the point of writing this entry. It all revolves around the No Cha system, a system known for it's riches in resources. It attracts...
  8. strelkanz

    Whats happening with Squadrons?

    We didn't get anything for Squadrons in September, even though most player groups support new players We won't get anything in December for Squadrons because Fleet Carriers are for individual players, why not squadrons? Now it looks like bases will be “player-owned buildings” Does this mean...
  9. StephenRhys

    Can’t access Squadrons on Xbox

    Can anyone advise? I am on Xbox (gold live account and horizons) and I can’t access the Squadrons tab on the Systems Panel. The button with the Squadrons logo is greyed out on both Open and Solo mode?
  10. E

    [FEDERATION] [FR] TacArmy, Escadron Elite Dangerous, rejoignez-nous :)

    Pour réunir des joueurs actifs sur Elite Dangerous, j'ai décidé avec deux de mes amis à créer un escadron, qui se réunit sur un serveur Discord. Vous pouvez rejoindre l'escadron sans expérience dans le jeu, tous les profils de joueurs sont acceptés, du plus casual au plus tryhard. Nous ne sommes...
  11. Goooost

    Squadron-Only carriers would have killed squadrons straight out of the gate.

    If Frontier had made Fleet Carriers Squadron-Only, everyone would have ditched their squadrons to create their own so that they could get a carrier of their own. We'd end up with way fewer large population squadrons, and a bajillion one-person squads. I hear you saying, "But Goooost, if they...
  12. DGBaley

    Obtaining Fleet Carriers

    From initial impressions, it appears as though the Fleet Carriers are going to be massive vessels with facilities to rival some small orbital outposts. Obviously the construction and outfitting of such a large structure is going to require substantial amounts of raw materials as well as...
  13. H


    If Fleet Carriers are going to be a thing, we need a Squadron Bank to go along with them. Or a Squadron bank in general. Squadron Bank should function as follows: CMDRs in a squadron have X percentage of their income (both from missions and PP) automatically sent to bank (just like NPC...
  14. Alexander Cluckers

    Squadron activities Ideas? Help

    Greet CMDRs o7, Looking for some fun ideas for events to organize for the squadron, looking for small scale events to large scale events. All ideas are welcomed! Have a great one, Alexander Cluckers o7
  15. Orbitalai

    Allow squadrons to change their faction every 3 months or so

    Allow squadrons to change their faction every 3 months or so. It kinda sucks to be affiliated with a faction that has no chance of getting some decent influence, especially for small squadrons.
  16. P

    Squadron Missions and Infrastructure (includes GDD)

    Upon the release of Squadrons I was quite excited with the possibilities of gameplay that it would bring. But after a short time I found Squadrons to be very limiting and bare bones. So I've been thinking about on how to make Squadrons more engaging and meaningful. I tried my best at creating a...
  17. CMDR Maylor Rom

    Elite Flight Demonstration Teams.

    Hello CMDRs My primary love is flight simulations. FSX, Falcon 4.0 BMS, DCS World, ect... In these simulations, I, along with others, participate in performing flight demonstrations similar to groups like the Blue Angles, The Canadian Snow Birds, but in flight simulators and then make videos...
  18. Daniel Klimchuk

    Improve on the Squadron feature

    Hello Commanders! So I have got a few suggestions regarding the squadrons in Elite. What we have now is fairly basic, but getting a more in depth experience with squadrons would be great: 1. First of all, adding an in-game reward system, so I could pay/reward my squadron's members for...
  19. Daniel Klimchuk

    Player Minor Factions

    Hello Commanders! I have a few questions regarding the player owned minor factions: 1. If a squadron has a lot of members, does the owner need to pay Frontier for it to be turned into a minor faction? 2. Does the owner of the minor faction get to choose it's government type and where it is...
  20. Alerta Antifa

    A Dedicated PVP (consensual) Leaderboard(s).

    PVP...Pretty Very Pointless, no reason to bother, except for the added fun of going one to one with an actual human. But in game there are no real rewards. So, we have squadrons already, the coding is already there. So why not a dedicated, opt in, PVP leaderboard(s)? You opt in as a solo CMDR...
  21. Maddogm

    Can’t support My PMF with squadron

    I can’t support my PMF with my squadron. Because my squadron power is Aisling Duval I can’t support my PMF because they are independent. Any BGS work done will not be recorded on the BGS leaderboard. This makes it hard to recruit and retain members. Why do we have to make a choice weather our...
  22. B


    Smokin Aces Squadron of The Aces Association MPF a PS4 A. Lavigny-Duval allied faction located in the high tech sector of Imperial Space. We actively work BGS to push the agenda of our Emperor through Power Play as well as our own personal agenda for the ACES in gaining a small sphere of control...
  23. Kate Coldwind

    Being Useful to Squadron

    I would really like to be some use to my squadron. They're all off doing the Thargoid-fighty thing, or whatever it is proper players are doing at the moment, and I certainly can't be any use to them in that respect. In previous games where I've been in similar situations I've been able to...
  24. shuki25

    In-Development Need squadron beta testers -- ED: Squadron Command Center

    Greetings Commanders! I have developed a web app for Squadrons to use. It is data driven web app, it allows you to view reports, charts, etc. You can compare your in game performance with other commanders in your squadron as well as comparing how your squadron doing with other squadrons. I...
  25. Erinir

    Squadron Community Goals

    The description is in the title really. Squadron leaders will have the ability to create community goals including bounty hunting, trade (normal, rares, black market) They'll be able to set a goal and a time limit Participants can sign up and then their contribution to the goal will be monitored...
  26. Old Duck

    Clearing My Save - What Do I KEEP?

    I'm strongly considering clearing my save data on my main CMDR account. IIRC, this is like starting the game over from scratch, but I'm assuming I do keep the following: * Purchased cosmetics * First discovery and first mapped tags What I'm not sure about are these: * Bookmarks * Codex...
  27. E

    Far Bound Initiative is Recruiting

    Far Bound Initiative is recruiting pilots, new pilots welcome. - We have Discord: https://discord.gg/Y4NNW6a - We are constantly growing into new systems. - We hold CQC events on Wednesdays and Saturdays. - We mentor/train new pilots. - We do wing missions, mining, bounty hunting together. - We...
  28. N

    Knights Imperium is recruiting.

    Good day Commanders, the Knights Imperium is looking for new members to join our cause we aim to to a little bit of everything when it comes to elite and we are supporting a small minor faction for the BGS that is aligned with the Federation, as we are looking to build a small community of...
  29. V

    Newcomer / Intro How to align squadron to minor faction?

    I have been trying to affiliate my squadron to a minor faction in a system but it isn't present in the list where you chose the faction you want to affiliate with. Can somebody please tell me how I can align my squadron to a minor faction? (I am allied with the faction)
  30. Myou

    Squadron driven founding and expansion of minor factions.

    Greetings commanders, this is a suggestion for not quite overhauling, but tweaking the BGS and minor factions function, but let me preface with a simple statement: As we all know, Squadrons can pledge allegiance to a minor faction. And this, fellow commanders is what i propose to be the...
  31. gushaines

    Cross platform for Squadrons

    Hi, I was disappointed to see that Squadrons are not cross platform. Yes, we could create the same Squadron on each platform but then managing that could be a challenge. An argument for keeping Squadrons platform independent is that then each squadron can work to an achievement on their own...
  32. Para Handy

    Can anyone explain how to change "Selected tag" in the Browse Squadron UI?

    Can anyone explain how to change "Selected tag" in the Browse Squadron UI? Just that really - I find I can't get decent any useful results with a search so thought maybe I'd just browse under a selected "Tag" - fat chance. So maybe I'm just not "twigging" to how it works, anyone care to...
  33. Justinian Octavius

    Mining Commodity Price & Squadrons Powerplay Leaderboard Feedback

    The last tweaks to mother lode material sell prices on specific commodity markets is creating genuine wild west style gold rushes at a couple of ports & stations (~1.5M per ton). This is excellent and brings mining almost inline with the passenger lounge & mission board but requires skill & user...
  34. ThomasWJames

    CANONN Interstellar Research Group

    Join the XBox One Canonn Squadron today! Simply search "Canonn" on the in-game Elite: Dangerous Squadron page and submit your application. Our home station is Thompson Dock in the Varati System. Canonn also has a community built/sponsored Megaship named the Gnosis; all are welcome on it, member...
  35. Yamiks

    Dead horse squadron is the 1st 500 member squadron : CAN WE GET MORE SPACE?!

    As of today : the "Dead horse squadron" (DHS1) has reached 500 member list and cannot accept more! It took ... umm 6 days! WHAT?! This low limit is absolutely too low for any sort of guild system and MUST be changed! "Anyone can open a suqadron, BUT not everyone can join one!" -Yamiks...
  36. Roen Soul

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years

    Squadrons Experience of 23 Years I speak through experience and I will highlight a few issues that I have faced with my clans past these decades. Every clan, guild, squadrons have commonly a short lifespan in true life. 90% of these fail within 3 months right from the start. 1 from 100 of...
  37. howmanymexicans

    Is this Catch 22 for Squadron Leaders?

    Hello FDev, I have really enjoyed watching the recent livestreams and am very much looking forward to Q4 dropping.. A big well done in so many ways guys! So as you may or may not know, I have had a small casual player group called Starship Enterprises for a few years now. however, due to...
  38. Echo Wake

    Beam weapons and squadrons

    I am huge supporter of using healing beams, though I find myself at various times not able to fit into a wing because they are full. I would still like to play a support role for members of my squadron even when the wing is full. If members of my squadron are in a fight, or bounty hunting, it...
  39. C

    Squadrons is the perfect opportunity for space legs

    Dear devs, As squadrons feature has been delayed, i'd like to suggest to implement space legs with it. You guys always say you don't wanna make space legs unless you come up with content around it. So my idea is to allow players to walk arond the fleet carriers to control it. For example, go...
  40. BaddMongo

    Squadron settings needed for Squadron Leaders

    With the coming squadrons update presumably there will be some sort of squadrons settings page for the squadron leader to control what is allowed for their members to protect the squadrons security and reputation. Main issues in my opinion that need to be addressed which would be useful to be...
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