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  1. CMDR Jayce MacLeod

    The universe of Elite Dangerous vs Star Wars and Star Trek

    Greetings! As an Elite Dangerous player, I've often asked, and have been asked, that age old nerdy question... Star Wars vs Star Trek, who would win? Add Elite dangerous to the mix... I wonder who would win a battle royale in a three way. Who's tech is better, who's characters would lead...
  2. Viajero

    Star Wars VR Series: Vader Immortal Episode I

    Holy fracking biowaste How has this gone below my radar until now? Source: It was released recently, and just decided to take the plunge. Absolutely amazing. A very real Star Wars experience in...
  3. Jenner

    Star Wars: Outer Rim (board game)

    I highly recommend this board game for anyone who is either a Star Wars fan and/or a fan of Elite. You do the same kind of stuff you already love in Elite - cargo delivery, smuggling, bounty hunting, dodging or fighting patrols, gaining money and fame... It even has a solo mode. ;) The Star Wars...
  4. lokvette

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    This looks rather good, been waiting for the game play footage Source:
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