star wars

  1. Viajero

    Star Wars VR Series: Vader Immortal Episode I

    Holy fracking biowaste How has this gone below my radar until now? Source: It was released recently, and just decided to take the plunge. Absolutely amazing. A very real Star Wars experience in...
  2. Jenner

    Star Wars: Outer Rim (board game)

    I highly recommend this board game for anyone who is either a Star Wars fan and/or a fan of Elite. You do the same kind of stuff you already love in Elite - cargo delivery, smuggling, bounty hunting, dodging or fighting patrols, gaining money and fame... It even has a solo mode. ;) The Star Wars...
  3. lokvette

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    This looks rather good, been waiting for the game play footage Source:
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