1. The Black Pearl

    How to claim a star?

    So I came across a system while exploring and noticed the first explorer missed two stars. I've scoured the web searching for a way to claim them all i find is using a DSS in a planet and turning in the data first, claims a planet. Yet unless my games broke, the DSS doesn't work in stars. I flew...
  2. CMDR Ewa


    Hi people I want an HYPERCRUISE, please.... When we travel across the galaxy reaching far destinations, we have to jump, and jump and jump and rejump to stars again and again an then again [zZzZz] . I really love to explore the galaxy and i love to apprehend its vertiginous vastness before...

    Call for Explorers - NGC 188 now reachable

    EDIT: after a more careful look at it, it seems this was done through an exploit, so it is NOT possible to reach NGC 188 yet! it is also in very poor exploration spirit to use exploits to get to a place before everyone else.. I was recently shocked at discovering that on EDSM, it seems like...

    Is star rotation ever coming back?

    Some time around 2016, something dramatic happened in the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Every single star, apart from neutron stars and white dwarves, stopped moving and solidified in their place. All star rotation in the game was removed, and now (almost) every star looks completely static...
  5. L

    Codex 'records'.

    We all saw that section of the Codex. It is a great idea, sort of a fishing thing, where you can see what was the smallest and the biggest one you "caught" so far. The problem is, it doesn't seem to work. It doesnt matter how many particular stars or planets you find the records sections will...
  6. Be4st

    Navigation - Mark Stars using Cockpit Centre Dot

    Though I am not an explorer, I just pondered an idea whilst mindlessly drifting into deep space for my Proto Heat Radiators and thought Explorers and even other folk may benefit from the feature suggestion listed below. Seeing as all the stars you can visibly see are real locations within the...
  7. T

    Distant Outposts in the Galaxy

    Good morning, commanders. Would it make sense for the Alliance to place outposts in the far reaches of the galaxy, like the outer edges? It seems to me that the powers would be venturing farther out to establish a presence a first presence in distant areas as well as using them as listening...
  8. O

    CI Tau star system.

    Is there any plan to implement this incredible and unique system whith is CI Tau?
  9. Ghost Giraffe

    Historical Hulse-Taylor Binary system does NOT contain a Hulse-Taylor Binary =(

    Dear wonderful people at Frontier, I must start with I love this game and am having the time of my life exploring the galaxy for the first time since I got the game over two years ago. I love how close to the real galaxy it is. However there are a few exceptions that really need a closer look...
  10. Kamiyoda

    Sooo..... About R Coronae Australis

    Ran into this star system again and remembered to ask, is it supposed to be this small? Its a B Class star that is incredibly tiny, but it has the Exclusion Zone of a normal B Class star.
  11. A

    No more CG decals!

    No more CG decals! If you are proud about your achievements and want to show off all hard earned decals on the ship there is just no way due to the limit of decals possible on the ship. I'd rather like to see CG badges on my cmdr suit. Maybe similar or slightly different to the ones they used...
  12. wulkanat

    In-Development [WIP] LCARS Interface & X52 Pro integration with Journal API

    Some genral information about this project The program was programmed in C++ using SFML for the user interface The program makes use of the Journal API. The goal is to implement all events and displaying them in a useful way The UI is very similar to how you would find it in LCARS 47...
  13. T

    Best WD classes for Boosting

    Alright, I'm still new to Boosting, but I was curious if the class of white dwarf, has an effect of the length of the cone and the turbulence on entry? I feel like it might, because every time I've been to a standard DA class, the cone is relatively short distance out from the exclusion zone...
  14. S

    Odd Stars On Galaxy Map (Unreachable)

    When I first started playing elite I was fascinated by the neutron stars and how you could use them to jump a much further distance then you would normally be able to. I have an interest in space/science stuff and knew the elite dangerous map was created to be as accurate as possible to real...
  15. DOMN8TOR

    Unrealistic Feature Request - Kickstarter to fund licensing and dev of famous SciFi Ships!

    What if you had the opportunity to buzz a canyon with an X-Wing? Or land your Firefly at a settlement for some trading? How about an epic wing of marauding Cylon Raiders!? Dear Frontier Development... I would be willing to pay considerable money into a Kickstarter to support something like...
  16. C

    Double neutron stars close together

    Near Colonia found a system center a Black Hole, B and C stars are Neutron Stars, close together cca. 10 ls.
  17. Fenris Wolf

    Black Hole - 16ls to a Neutron Star

    Just found a Black Hole system with multiple Neutron Stars, not unusual... But one of the Neutron Stars is only 16ls away from the Black Hole. Makes interesting viewing as the Neutron Star is hardly affected by the Black Hole! Wondering if that is a quirk of the software, or how it would...
  18. J

    [Suggestion] Starmap Binary planet distance.

    Hello all, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. While out in the black exploring I've run into an annoyance when it comes to binary planets giving the stat for the semi major axis of it's partner planet, however not it's semi major STELLAR axis. This seems like an annoying little le, however...
  19. A

    Ability to turn off star lines in Galaxy Map without disabling jet cone boost - Quality of Life fix

    Please, we have the option to turn off the grid in the Galaxy Map, so can't you add one to turn off the green star lines? When you have a long range ship it becomes a real mess. I can't see the colours of the systems nearby due to all the green lines. I really don't see the purpose in having...
  20. M

    Is FDev trying to kill Elite Dangerous because of Star Citizen?

    They are killing every way in the game to earn fast CR, why is that? Are they giving up because they know this game cannot compete with Star Citizen, so they are making people leave the game and then they can finally shutdown servers for good?
  21. M

    Parent, Host, and Main Sequence star nomenclature - and a suggestion

    While narrating in my video log 'while doing deep space exploration, I keep wondering how to describe, or name, the (what I call) "Parent Star" - the one about which all other bodies, including secondary stars, in the system orbit. For example, when looking at the system map 'where there are...
  22. T

    Gameplay Suggestions +

    My suggestions: Player Factions. Player Factions owned Star bases. Cargo Items Storage in bases. Faction ships and modules to all Superpowers. Exploration missions. Best Regards.
  23. W

    Keep CRASHING into neutron stars!

    The boundary lines (or orbit lines in settings) are not working as they should on neutron stars. Sometimes they disappear completely, which mistakenly makes me believe that I can approach a neutron star safely. Then the next second I'm suddenly falling out of supercruise and taking hull and...
  24. K

    Recent Exploration detail sharing

    Hello, I wanted to just share my recent exploration trip details, because well because I'm proud of it and I haven't been back in the bubble for a while to talk to another person. I hope you like the post, cheers! My trip route went like this: Ship Details Trip Statistics Exploration...
  25. RolloTreadway

    Newcomer / Intro As a newcomer to serious exploration

    I'm just so excited. Possibly more excited than I've ever been playing this game. Because, for the first time, I just this moment discovered a neutron star (complete with its own family of planets). And I mean discovered, nobody else has been here before, it's not on any neutron jumping route...
  26. sfried

    Proposal Discussion Voice Talent in Elite: Dangerous

    Do you think the game would benefit from (additional) voice talent? I appreciate the onboard computer and the stations having announcers, but I wish NPCs would be also voiced as well. It'll take time, I realize that, and was hoping this is something that can be done in-between the finalized...
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