1. Zagmeister

    To: Devs - Consider naming one of the starports after this man

    Hello to devs and Elite commanders! I've not been a member of Elite community for log - picked it up in summer of last year, explored the Milky Way for a few months, then due to RL commitments, Elite was (sadly) placed on the sidelines. Well, the spark ignited again a few weeks ago and I'm back...
  2. W

    Would BGS create new station in a system, in any situation?

    Would BGS create new station in any situation? Or add facility(e.g. Outfit) to an existing station? Such as Investment state, accumulated economy value?
  3. stardestroyer

    SRV stuck

    :S No one noticed that is impossible to deploy an SRV while I'm docked on planetay starport? I remember it was possible but I don't want to belive it's a new feature...
  4. S

    Space Bars and Space Legs

    I want Space bar/cantina button available as an option in the Starport Services menu. Through this my holo-me character could be teleported direct to the space bar within the starport to conduct a variety of activities and make the whole experience more immersive and interesting. This could...
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