1. S

    Amosphic planetary landing and starport, with space legs possible.

    Dear, Frontier, Here is my idea about how you can accomplish both Starport Space Legs and Atmospheric Landing. First you claim that there is no purpose to space legs in the game, yet we get the SRV, why not just use the current technology from the Horizons, which would allow you to show how...
  2. T

    Cargo storage on stations/starports/etc.

    Hey, just thinking about what could have a big impact on the game. This feature would greatly encourage people to get materials and pickup things that they may not need at the time. This would help with engineering and all sorts of missions. What I encounter now is that if I picked up anything...
  3. Syrelai

    Starport Defense

    1 year ago today CMDR's began to see hyperdictions with thargoids. It was mentioned somewhere that in previous games they were much more terrifying, because they were found everywhere and extremely powerful, according to others who have played prior versions of Elite. You see a thargoid and...
  4. NeilF

    External View [A definitive discussion]

    PLEASE IGNORE THE POLL! IT'S BROKEN! **LATEST NEWS** Looks like an external camera is finally arriving in V1.2:- Michael has confirmed the feature will allow you to view your ship from various angles and distances. It will also allow you to in effect obtain a cockpit/HUDless screenshot. And...
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