1. 7

    A strange perspective for spherical objects

    Hello to all Commanders, I played Elite for several years but I still can't accept how objects like stars and planets get distorted when they approach the side of the screen. It is an unrealistic perspective to me, because they get distorted like flat circles when obviously they are spherical...
  2. M

    Newcomer / Intro Commodity issues and pre-discovered systems/stars

    Hello everybody, I've been playing the game for over a month now and pretty intensely, too. Today I've encountered a problem that I cannot understand. I was and still am looking for combat stabilizers, so I edited the galaxy map accordingly (commodity menu with import/export + trading routes)...
  3. Alex Korr V

    New type of stars discovered in 2020: magnetars, extreme neutron stars

    There was a new type of neutron stars discovered in 2020 - extreme neutron stars, 'magnetars' - more details in the video below. It would be great to add these to the Elite world.
  4. M

    Unusual nature (for me at least) stellar desert?

    I have heard of T Tauri deserts and seen small patches where they as stars they can be can be an issue, but i found something new to me today, a region roughly 500ly spherical and of very low stellar population, where nearly every star in map search is either a white dwarf or a neutron star. I...
  5. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [Galaxy Map] Show more stars with less filters

    Hello, quick request. When you limit the galaxy map to just show 1 type of rare system using any filter, would it be possible for the actual map to display more stars from further away? When I'm looking for say, neutron stars, or civil unrest systems, I have just 1 filter active, so the map is...
  6. [VR] Goooost

    More star variance.

    I've been thinking, since the star is the first and sometimes the only thing players see when they jump into a system, perhaps it would make sense to model multiple variants of each star type to keep things interesting. You'd still have the same star types, sizes, etc. This would be purely...
  7. recrudesce

    VisitedStarsCache - See all EDSM Visited Stars in your GalMap

    Have you ever been out in the dark and thought "I wish I could jump through unvisited systems only" ? Well, you could, if you checked your next hop against EDSM to see if it had been visited, or you could (if you wanted) download the whole EDSM dump, extract all the system names, put them in an...
  8. M

    ED Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

    (this is an offshoot from this thread: ) I tried doing a plot of Stellar Temperature (x axis) vs Log L on the y axis - calculated from Abs Mag by L = 10^((4.83 - M)/2.5)) - for the 5000 or so stars I've...
  9. Wayward Goat

    Stars colliding orbit?

    Anybody wanna come back here later and see if the brown dwarf morphs into its star? Seems like its orbit is way too close. Surely not realistic?.. Source: (ignore previous post, its duped)
  10. A

    Hardware & Technical Disappearing stars.... no solution!?

    Have ignored this bug for a while now, but cannot understand that this has not been resolved? I get that the star cubes are a remnant of the Star Forge's early days and can't be changed, but that the rest of the stars disappear... Is this really something FDev are unable to fix? Cause it seems...
  11. OldSchoolPlayer

    DCO VII White Dwarf - Rarest in the galaxy!

    I give you the DCO VII White Dwarf... It is simply beautiful ! Location: Mylaifa CB-X D1-2814 PS. Don't forget your sunglasses! :cool:
  12. Be4st

    Navigation - Mark Stars using Cockpit Centre Dot

    Though I am not an explorer, I just pondered an idea whilst mindlessly drifting into deep space for my Proto Heat Radiators and thought Explorers and even other folk may benefit from the feature suggestion listed below. Seeing as all the stars you can visibly see are real locations within the...
  13. Yamiks

    [Video] 5 UNIQUE STARS to visit in Elite Dangerous
  14. RolloTreadway

    What's the record for most stars in a system?

    I ask, because I'm sure I've not broken any records, I never do, but I'm counting thirteen stars in this system. Couldn't even fit it on the screen properly.
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