1. SpacemanSpiff3629

    New player, ED doesn't start correctly when launched from Steam

    Hi folks, Lured in by the promotion on Steam recently, I "purchased" the game and have just tried to run it for the first time. I get the "ED Horizons" menu window up okay with the "My account" / "Options" etc tabs at the top, and the "Play" selection at the bottom. I opted to "Play Elite...
  2. J

    Game cannot be Started

    I bought via Steam with high expectation the Deluxe version of the game a couple of days ago. When I tried to start the game I received an error "The game Hangs and cannot be started", I already did my own troubleshooting I upgraded the controllers for the GPU, the BIOS and all board drivers...
  3. D

    Manual start sequence and player capital ships

    For some this might not seem like much but if we get ships that are huge class or could be enabled on smaller ships we could do manual startups and shutdown. basically like what the Argo did when it took off to investigate the comet empire. Basically I would like manual startup as an option...
  4. jinja

    Community Event / Creation star types and distributions: a graphic

    I'm preparing some images for a blog post, and thought it worth sharing this one before I finish the post. I had a lot of fun making it. It's a chart of star types, by class, (all, except the first 3 classes, O, B & A, are screenshots from in game), and a rather limited analysis of their...
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