1. F

    Attractiveness & Statistics

    There are two topics that bother me right now: Attractiveness of the different Animals: I understand that a tiger is more popular than a flamingo, but why should i place flamingos in my Zoo? I placed them in a nice corner in my Zoo but all of the visitors only want to see my tiger. Better than...
  2. Arkendight

    Is mining the only ace card up the ELITE's sleeve? What can we do? New player view

    <For Steam Statistics Click HERE> Player count is plummeting. No mining = nothing to do here? Does this data serve an illustration how mining is basically the only activity that attracts people into the game? I'm going to assume that the answer is positive. Let me address this as a 90% mining...
  3. Pixelated Sparkster

    Have playstation players get to see the new wrap-up for 2019?

    Hey everyone! Playstation has recently shown the newest wrap-up for 2019. The one time we get to see statistics of all the gaming we made in playstation in 2019. I am happy to see that my favorite game got my top ranking this year. Very surprised to see the amount of time I kept in it this...
  4. Bier00t

    Ships Module sizes on SLFs

    Can someone confirm what core module sizes are used on SLFs?
  5. shuki25

    In-Development Need squadron beta testers -- ED: Squadron Command Center

    Greetings Commanders! I have developed a web app for Squadrons to use. It is data driven web app, it allows you to view reports, charts, etc. You can compare your in game performance with other commanders in your squadron as well as comparing how your squadron doing with other squadrons. I...
  6. Zulu Romeo

    Beyond patch 4: Questions about updating the Codex

    Thanks for all the info so far about Beyond part 4. The information about the Codex looks very exciting, including the parts about how it will include events and incidents recorded in your log for you to see. Looking at the Codex so far from the Livestream, I couldn't help but notice that the...
  7. CMDR Evolution

    CQC CQC Performance Tracker

    Greetings Commanders, If you've ever looked at your CQC stats and wondered how well you're improving or what to focus on next, then read on :D To measure CQC performance going back over the last 3 years and after many nights and weekends effort, I've recently created a CQC Stats spreadsheet...
  8. EpicHam

    Siege of Sol in 315 days - Least Square Regression Analysis of Recent Thargoid Attacks

    With the recent Thargoid attacks pushing deeper and deeper into human space I decided to do some math. By doing a least-square regression analysis of the 12 stations attacked to date and their distance to Sol, I've calculated that the at the current rate Thargoid will reach Sol at day 366.988...
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