1. J

    Economy and Security status sliding scales

    Hello Cmdrs I've been searching and found not much on the sliding scales for economy and security. For example: For the faction 'The Dark Wheel' the Economy marker in on the 'Investment' part of the scale and the security marker is just about on the none part of the scale. However, For the...
  2. S

    Codex Stats and Status suggestions

    Just an idea. Under Codex > Hub > Commander > Stats > Exploration: There is a status for 'Highest Payout' - change the name to 'Highest System Payout' and add one more stat: 'Highest Astronomical Body Payout' - would be nice to track your most lucrative astronomical body. Second idea -...
  3. B

    Re-insert merits and ratings into status panel

    Hello! Could rating and merits be shown under the Reputation section on the Status tab, right panel? Instead, now I have to get into home - galactic powers - lyr - rating tab! Thank you o7
  4. T

    In-game status/ more activity feed sharing on timeline

    I assume this is easy to implement. As the title suggest, I would like my profile to show not just that I am playing Elite Dangerous, but maybe what I am currently doing in-game let it be - hunting pirates, in combat or transferring cargo .. maybe title of mission and/or the name of the system I...
  5. Riverside

    Make notoriety stat more visible

    I've just been helping a friend reacquaint themselves with the game after some time away, and it was difficult to explain where to check the notoriety stat. I'd like to propose that it's added to the 'status' tab (left-most tab on the right HUD panel) below balance, rebuy cost, local bounty &...
  6. M

    Release Any useful mobile companion app ?

    Hi All, been playing for around ~3 months now on PC and really enjoying the game so far. Just wondering if there's any mobile app where I can keep track of my contracts, general status info, galnet, etc... ?
  7. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay: Diplomacy screen to vote for who is a Power's Allies is needed

    The hard coded Powerplay allegiances no longer reflect how the game is being played (eg Yuri Grom is an ally of the Imperial Powers but the game does not recognise this). As such imho there needs to be someway for those pledged to a Power to change its diplomatic status. It would therefore be...
  8. Caledonian

    The Docking Computer thread.

    It is just perfect, I may have had a little nerdgasm.:eek:
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