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  1. M

    Deleting Auto generated tags from workshop Items

    PLEASE add this feature. I have tons of workshop items and each one of them has a million random tags that can't be deleted and they clog up every tab. I end up leaving blueprints turned off, which is a huge waste. I've tried saving blueprints as my own and it still generated random tags. I know...
  2. C

    Can Steam Workshop items work on Origin?

    I happen to have the planet coaster game on origin. There are many steam workshop items I would love to incorporate in my park. I want to know if it is possible for steam workshop items to work on a game of origin. And if so, how do I install it. In what folders or in what files should the steam...
  3. K

    I made an Aussie flora pack

    I am a natives fanatic, and Australian, So when they brought out the Aussie pack I was a bit sad to have so few varities (particularly the ones used by the council and locals), but that is ok! As plenty of plants in the game already look similar to varieties commonly used in gardens and grow in...
  4. Jeminyne

    Please let us make sections for items and blueprints in the UI!

    I've edited this image here to show what I mean! See where I added the plus-signs: I think it would be incredibly helpful if we could create our own folders, by clicking plus-signs like this. At the very least in the Blueprints tab, but all tabs would be great. Shown here is the facilities...
  5. KITTracer7

    Couldn't place a blueprint from the blueprint menu

    Someone on the Steam Workshop couldn't place a blueprint, this is what he said: I have enough money to built it, but I can't even select it in the Blueprints menu, it's just grey and there is a tiny lock symbol in the thumbnail, I have no idea why... Does anyone know how this could be?
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